Why was Pope Francis hanging out with Michael Moore?

American Thinker: Talk about bad timing.

Pope Francis was pictured whooping it up with radical left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore in big-publicity photos taken outside the Vatican.  The two pressed flesh and laughed and whispered and clearly enjoyed each other’s company.

Here’s the Daily Mail report:

Hollywood director Michael Moore has been pictured meeting Pope Francis outside the Vatican after jetting in to promote his new documentary on Donald Trump.

Moore, who rose to fame as the director of harrowing documentary Bowling for Columbine, was pictured warmly shaking hands with the pontiff on Wednesday afternoon.

Pictures showed Moore taking snaps on his phone and waiting in line to meet the Pope as he greeted adoring members of the public.

The director has previously demonstrated a love-hate relationship with the Church, throwing shade at Pope Francis on social media for some of his teachings.

Sound like a good thing, in the wake of the recent Church scandals – which are intimately connected to a left-wing lavender mafia protection racket?  Don’t think so.

More to the point, does it sound like a good thing, given Moore’s reflexive opposition to everything the Church stands for, as well as his appalling record as a hypocrite, given that the filmmaker-of-the-people was last seen stiffing the help?  Sure, some Catholics can say Jesus entertained sinners, but the analogy falls flat because Moore doesn’t consider himself a sinner.  This is more like Jesus whooping it up with the know-it-all Pharisees and saying hey, maybe the Pharisees had a point. more here

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  1. This Bergoglio fraud says he doesn’t read papers and therefore knows nothing of popular culture. He is a lying, deceitful sack of shit who has spent his entire adult life immersed in the international progressive movement and knows the players from top down.

    As one who has followed the exposure of what we are seeing today on the news, most all of what is coming out has been out in traditional Catholic circles for decades. I 100% promise you that without The Donald these things would not be coming out to the public now.

    The axis of evil, media, Democrat Party and Catholic infiltrators cannot cover this up any longer. Something has happened to weaken their defensive actions and what it is is that the media is focused on saving the lunatic fringe Democrat Party from total implosion. They don’t have the band width to fight on as many fronts as they did just a couple years ago.

    Bergoglio is not just involved, he is the keystone that is holding up the homosexual network that has infiltrated The Church.

  2. @Jellybean: Hell, he didn’t have to look for it – the article said Moore was throwing it:

    “The director has previously demonstrated a love-hate relationship with the Church, throwing shade at Pope Francis…”.


  3. I am going to come right out and state as a cold hard natural fact that irrespective of your view of The Church, this takeover of The Church is an attack on the institutions that have made and have kept America great.

    It is in your best interest, even if you are not Catholic and even if you loath The Church, to understand that these bastards are not and never were Catholics. They are infiltrators and opportunists hell bent on destroying Catholicism.

    Followers of the prog religion are progs first, last and always. They have used the Catholic Church as a vehicle to advance their ideology, but in as much as they have any reverence or alliance to her… That is just not even open to debate.

    Just listen to their rhetoric during the Kavanaugh confirmation and ask: do progs have any respect for the Supreme Court? No, it is an instrumentality from within which they can advance their ideology and other than that they despise what it stands for. Apply that to every institution they have infiltrated and claim to revere, it is universal.

  4. They probably shared a bowl of fetuses … topped with cream and served with a fine Dago Red … or maybe that was Argentinian Chandon?

    “No Enemies on the Left”

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Yesterday I was asked if I had ever said anything positive about Bergoglio? No, I have not. I followed his antics long before he was elected Pope Narcissus and even when he has issued a statement I agree with, I question his motives, actually I have doubted his motives. I absolutely have no use whatsoever for the son of a bitch.

  6. Maybe Moore was a halter-boy when he was younger. It would explain his anger and frustration at authority and his love-hate relationship with his papa.

  7. I keep saying: wait until the covens of modernist nun infiltrators part in this whole scandal breaks, and I mean it.

    Meanwhile here is an insightful post from Ann Barnhardt

    Orgies Don’t Have “Presiders” – Satanic Black Masses Do

    Excerpt: Given what we know about the abject evil of Cardinal Coccopalmerio, the fact that he is a flaming faggot that hates God and is at war with Him and His Holy Church, and given that we know that the nexus of the practice of Satanism in the world today is inside the Vatican, I think it is not at all a stretch to postulate that what was raided in that apartment was not merely a sodomite orgy, but was a Black Mass with Cardinal Coccopalmerio as the “presider”.

  8. My bet is they met to have a competition to determine which of the two was farest to the left & the biggest nut job. Though M^2 is clearly the biggest blob o’ blubber.


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