Why was she dressed like the blue ghost from Pac-Man? – IOTW Report

Why was she dressed like the blue ghost from Pac-Man?

FASHION ALERT: Hillary Clinton Wears Muumuu, Steals Spotlight at Venice Film Festival.

26 Comments on Why was she dressed like the blue ghost from Pac-Man?

  1. That’ll cure Bill of any more blue-dress desires…

    He wouldn’t stain that with joe biden’s* cock!

  2. She did manage to keep the nails in her hooves this time….Tho, she does remind me of some overused toilet paper at the gas station latrine on the boot of a hooker named Norma…

  3. “Wet-Ass P—y” rapper Megan Thee Stallion doesn’t have to worry about any competition. Hillary hasn’t had one of those for almost a half a century!

  4. Steal spotlight?
    More like so big she blocks the sunlight.

  5. That article is hilarious!
    Posed for selfies with deranged admirers.
    She walked (relatively) unassisted.

  6. Old curtain stitched up at the neck and armholes. Typical no class, no couth, no style with a withered butt that hangs down past her knees. BiLewensky must be embarassed to be seen with this blue buffoon. lol

  7. There goes breakfast, thanks for that.

  8. That dress was made from a shower curtain taken from a Motel-6

  9. 𝓒𝓻𝓪𝓬𝓴𝓮𝓻FJB𝓫𝓪𝓫𝔂

    I refuse to look…. too early for me.

  10. I extremely dislike that entity, but that photo makes ‘it’ looks better than the beach photos.

  11. Can’t you just hear Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels singing The Devil With The Blue Moo Moo On. Sing it Mitch, groovy far out man!

  12. Because nothing screams fashionista like a pastel muu-muu and wide white flats. Riiiiiight…

    Meanwhile, Melania wears beautifully tailored clothes and can walk across a lawn in 4″ stilettos.

  13. Word on the street is that it’s an airbag which deploys when any sudden shift from the vertical is detected.

    That, or there’s a personal bollard inside.

  14. geoff – Speaking of Mitch… if she wuz there they’d be singing he Devil With The Boob dress, devil with the Boob dress On!

  15. At least that pastel garbage bag flowed elegantly in the temperate Adriatic breeze, saving us from the vision of her fat thighs and he huge kardashian ass. ~sudder~

  16. That’s not a Muu-Muu, that’s a Cow-Cow!

  17. It’s more of a kaftan than a muumuu, but either way, it’s hideous. She’s tryna hide her enormous gut. She failed. She looks 8 months pregnant. Hopefully her belly is swollen due to liver failure or something and not just her being a garden variety fat ass.

    Pretty funny that her vanity project film is called ‘Gutsy’ and there she is with a big, fat gut. She’s gutsy alright. A big, fat blubbery gut.

  18. Anyone else think of Mrs. Roper from “Three’s Company”?

  19. Never thought anyone would steal the sheets out of a motel that rents by the hour. Slap a few flowers on there and BAM, Hildabeast becomes a fashonista,

  20. Well, thank God it wasn’t something tight.

  21. If it was tight, she’d look like a large, bloated, beached whale wearing Spandex. And then they’d have to break out the dynamite to blow it to smithereens like they did to that whale in Oregon.

  22. Hillary would look just as good in a pair of bib overalls.

  23. Gawd, and it was almost see-through. Close call to chucking my coffee.

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