Why We’re Tuning Out in 2020

This is an in-depth explanation as to why so many sports fans are tuning out. Please share with your friends that just don’t get it. Here’s the Simple Truth.

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  1. I believe that my give-a-fuck-o-meter about Black Lives Matter ran out a long time ago.

    Black lives DON’T matter. Blacks prove it to us every day.

    They prove it every day in Chicago, Baltimore, Planned Parenthood and every where else pants are hanging around their ankles.

    So fuck off, commie front group.

  2. GFY, assholes. How much air time do you think you’ll get when the woke sports leagues go bankrupt? How the F much actual cash do you think you’ll get when you try to liquidate TV contracts, huh?

    BTW, I just saw this hashtag in a CTH comment:



  3. La Braun?

    Hm, ok, ok, let me see here. I’ll check in my pockets… ok, ok, I’ll check in the drawers… ok, ok, yep, ok, I’ll check under the bed.

    Ok. Yep. I have zero fucks to give for La Braun.

    Bacon Lettuce Mustard.

  4. Protesters have the right to protest, peacefully, but when the first rock is thrown, the first window is smashed or the first store is looted it is no longer a protest, it is a riot. These malcontents should be arrested and jailed. Put these clowns in with the general prison population as their reward, hope they enjoy their stay. Bubba needs a new bitch.

    Bureau of Land Management–BLM

  5. so done w/ this shit … we all know about this crap …. we all ‘get it’ … no need for a history lesson of whinners

    they’re all a bunch of aggrieved spoiled brats … go fuck yourselves … stand in the loser line & piss & moan about your miserable lives & see if your pity cup fills up the fastest w/ what others created … truth’s a bitch, ain’t it? envy’s worse

    better yet, get a bunch of white trust-fund wienies to tote your baggage for you .. to show what manly men & women you are … can’t even run your own revolution … gotta rely on the Whites & asians to support you

    go fuck yourselves …. so done w/ these pussies

    (was I too harsh? … don’t GAF)

  6. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ August 6, 2020 at 1:21 am

    “so done w/ this shit … we all know about this crap …. we all ‘get it’ … no need for a history lesson of whiners”

    For those of you who have not the advantage of living through the sixties here, there is a lot of wisdom being given within these posts in the IOTW Report, who have.

    Past-thirty political agitators, without any truthful historical study of America, and how it came to be, you can either leave for a country that possesses what you are striving for, or face the eventual wrath of settled Americans and others who have flocked to become Americans.

    Keep it up with your ignorant political brayings, destruction and riots and you will bring down these Americans one-by-one upon your head throughout the rest of your ignorant lives.

  7. It will be great to see the woke players explaining how they destroyed a cash cow for many gifted youngsters who stood a chance of making big money playing a kids game for a living. Maybe the sports leagues will go back to the way when players had to get a 9-5 job once the season was over to continue earning money. I remember seeing that in a documentary about the Brooklyn Dodgers teams of the ’50s. One minute your playing the Yankees in the World Series, two weeks later you are bagging groceries at the local food market. #JailForEllison

  8. It’s also time to end the bullshit about “seeing the horror of George Floyd being killed” Recently released video shows him higher than a kite, disoriented and literally foaming at the mouth. An autopsy found Floyd had heart disease and a history of high blood pressure. A preliminary toxicology report found moderate levels of fentanyl and methamphetamine as well as the Chinese flu.

    He complained he couldn’t get in the police car because he had claustrophobia FROM INSIDE HIS CAR.

    A career criminal, resisting arrest after being caught passing funny money, high as a kite, behind the wheel of a car fucked up and found out.

    Ask me why I should care if Lebron thinks it’s murder but he’s cool with a million uighers in concentration camps because…?

  9. give-a-fuck meter still at zero.

    did NOT have to watch posted video for the meter not to move either!

    These fully grown spoiled brats should have everything they own and all their money confiscated by the commies and terrorists they support…. it is going to happen anyways if their commie masters take over so why not get that lil detail out of the way first?

    They should not have a problem with that right?
    BLM right?
    So be a good commrade and hand it ALL over so actblue can put the meat puppet AKA bite-me-biden the basement troll in da white house.

  10. There’s nothing new under the sun. This clown show has been going on for decades now it’s just newer players.
    Viewing sports now is like giving a thumbs up to this insanity and I hope the whole institution crumbles. Especially to those that are given obscene salaries only to spit in the face of the public.

  11. These over-paid prima-donnas have turned sports into a bubling vat of Social Media narcisism and vitriol. Sports is supposed to be a team effort, but they are sending a VERY clear message that if you ain’t Black, yer NOT part of the team!!
    Take yer Lambooginis and yer multi-million dollar homes and go cry “Victim” somewhere else… but not with my money!!

  12. I literally stopped watching Hockey right after the NHL had the Canadian of Half Filipino – 1/4 German & 1/4 Romanian decent player kneel at center ice in a scripted ceremony.

    Canadians – Beer drinking generally nice people but Gullible
    Filipinos – very hard working people from Asia
    Germans – Very industrial country that builds $$$ Cars
    Romanians – Recently ousted communism and do not want to go back to it.

    They could not have picked a more unlikely IDIOT to kneel for a Primarily made up American issue.

    Fuck Off BLM go to work and BUILD SOMETHING just like Obama DID NOT.

  13. Last game I went to was in LA, I didn’t buy the tickets, my buddy did. Beer was $7 a can, holy fuck, I had to buy the buddy and his wife one out of courtesy, just one.
    $21 for three cans of warm Bud, you can buy a CASE for that, never again.
    If sports figures were to rely on me for income, they better be driving for Uber.

  14. lebron james serves so many old white men & chinese masters it’s hysterical! he’s a uncle tom. his masters ae just leftest & commies.

    free lebron!


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