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Why? What Are They Doing? These Teachers Need To Be Put in Jail

What is this unholy shit? Who could do this?

This is horrendous.

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  1. That is sadism, pure and simple. Anyone who could deliberately put a child in that state and keep on doing it after it’s clear that they’re terrified is a fucking piece of shit who needs to be boot stomped to death, period.

    And, of course, they’re fat, ugly white women in the “teaching” profession, the scourge of our fucking society now.

  2. Public school teacher? Looks more like a day care center manned by Poor White Trailer Trash. No matter. Thirty years ago if you would have done that to my kid I’d tracked you down and hurt you bad. Happy Halloween.

  3. These dumb jerks would scream and cry if someone walked by them wearing a red MAGA hat or a Trump mask.

    Too many dummies in this country. No brains, no empathy, no forethought to their actions. Anyone say,” maybe this isn’t a good idea?” No. Someone grabbed their phone for a moment of glory on TikTok and Twitter. “ OK, I’m ready…go!”

    Horrible horrible women.

  4. Looked up the town where this took place, Hamilton, MS, population 533. Everybody in town must know these sadistic blubbery sacks of shit. I hope they get what they deserve.

  5. Solve your problems from a higher level.

    Why in the world would anyone put their kids in “daycare”?

    Do you have to dump your kids so you can work? Change the way you work.
    Do you need 2 incomes to live? Change the way you live.
    You don’t have a spouse? Change the way you live.

    What the f**k is wrong with people?

    My new policy: Every time I go off on a rant, I have to go sturgeon fishing. I’ll put the gear in the truck first thing in the morning.

  6. terrorism
    the effects of which can’t be erased
    pfizer will probably come out with a PTSD pill for 3 year olds

  7. Evisceration is too mild a punishment for people like that.

    I would have brained her with one of the chairs. The big teacher’s chair. Repeatedly. For starters.

  8. I can’t believe that many have a twitter account.
    I made it as far as “you’ll need to log in to Twitter”.

  9. I would beat them to near death if they did that to my daughter at that age.
    Let them heal and visit them again over and over.
    The dads need to take care of those two monsters.
    Destroy everything they own cars house everything.
    That was pure evil.
    Sick Fucks.
    We have seen a lot in the last few years but this takes the cake.

  10. Geoff C

    Yes, where are the DADS? My wife didn’t need to spur me in the sides to react. On the contrary, most of the time she was trying to hold me back. WTF is going on these days.

  11. 10 seconds in, had to stop it. I am not a parent, but I can ask, what are you doing? Are you involved with your school? The school board, PTA? Why do you let your kids endure this?

    I have been a high school teacher and a college professor. I did see this crap once, and I spoke up. Nothing got done, and I was not canceled, but WTH?

    Parents need to be involved. The minority who are teaching cannot change things. Parents can. Get involved, and attend a board meeting (even if you are labeled as a domestic terrorist). Which is more important to you? Your kids, or being labeled something that isn’t true? Yes, I understand that you may end up a pariah. You, or your kids? It will not be easy to oppose the establishment, but we need to fight

  12. We are going to need governors and presidents with pardon authority for grown-assed men who take matters in their own hands since the AG’s are not doing their fucking jobs.
    Simple as that…

  13. Satanic initiation. Yes, Satanism exists. Notice how the woman in the mask strategically touch the children on the shoulders, tactically going from room to room to intensify the terror. These children are being ritually cursed and “claimed”.

    These defenseless babies will have strange awful things happen to them in the future without God’s redemption.

    Even worse, this heinous act was probably done with approval of most of the parents. Very hard to believe the parents weren’t aware. The town is small – Everybody knows everybody. They will suffer God’s wrath for what they’ve allowed.

    This twisted evil has been exposed for a reason. God hates demonic activity, especially against children. Now, action can be taken to stop it.

    Christians need to pray for these children and that town for their salvation in Christ. Also, pray justice is done, so that these child abusers are prosecuted and can’t hide behind their pagan “religion”.

    Spiritual matters should not be laughed off or dismissed. Clearly, Satan is playing for keeps. Let him know God’s people aren’t playing when it comes to evil.

  14. I bet none of them has a relationship with a man or has children.
    I’d go in and smack them and they have 100 lbs on me.

  15. I clicked on comments. Apparently this is a private daycare in Miss. The owner says she wasn’t there and would never allow that to happen. She fired 4 of them.

  16. ^^ She fired 4 of them.

    Good! But nothing’s going to end this shit until the Stupid on Steroids starts to hurt!

  17. If the children remember anything about the experience it should be that the person who did it was a democrat.
    She should never be allowed to work near children again.

  18. Read a little bit more about this and it was not the first time that this took place. The gal filming had told the owner what was going on, she must not have believed her so she got on her camera.
    She was not part of it just wanted the parents to see what was going on.

  19. Thanks, 99th, for writing my comment for me. I’m speechless.

    Come Lord Jesus.

    Those demons? Left behind.

  20. From another article:

    (Some parent, apparently, do not care about the mental safety of their babies.)

    “Thursday morning, parents reacted to the videos as they dropped off their children for care, expressing their support for Lil’ Blessings and reacting to some of the online backlash the video has received.

    “I know 100% that Ms. Sheila, the owner and director, was not aware of this situation that was going on and as soon as she found out, all parties were terminated immediately,” said Kimberly Smith, whose child can be seen in one of the videos. “The witch hunt that has been going on for her and the other ones still here, it really needs to stop. Was the situation that did happen horrible? Absolutely. But should this daycare be shut down and others be villainized that are still here, absolutely not,” said Kimberly Smith, who had a child in one of the videos. “Am I okay with what happened to the extent of what happened? Absolutely not, but I know she took care of it, and my babies are safe here.”

    Chas Allen, who has a student in pre-kindergarten who began being cared for in the baby room at Lil’ Blessings, expressed the same support.

    “This place is pretty important for Hamilton because it’s a small town and there’s not really another childcare facility close. A lot of people are saying, ‘Shut it down. Shut it down,’ but I don’t think they’re thinking about the implications that that might have. If there was a daycare next door, I would still bring my kids here,” he said.”

    An enterprising soul in Hamilton has a turnkey daycare business if they could rouse themselves. Child care wouldn’t be my thing, but if it was I’d jump on the opportunity these ghouls have made possible.

  21. . …and where, pray, were the “other ones” at the daycare — referenced in the quote, above — who shouldn’t be vilainized? Did they not have their hearing aides in when this was going on?

  22. @AbigailAdams, thank you for an update on the viewpoints of the Satanists and their supporters in Hamilton. MS. It absolutely confirms my comments.

    Glad you have an understanding of spiritual warfare. Satan is raging against God, even though he knows he can’t win.
    Sadly, most American Christians have no clue – “My people perish for a lack of knowledge”, Hosea 4:6.

    Part of my testimony includes how God delivered me from curses. I have family members who practice Satanic worship and witchcraft, but I had no idea about this until I became a Christian. Thank God I was placed in a church with a pastor who knew how God combats witchcraft, Satanism, paganism etc.
    I have also studied scriptures in The Holy Bible “to show myself approved unto God…”, 2 Timothy 2:15.

    Hamilton, MS is going to experience God’s judgment if they don’t turn away from evil. Very obvious these people have been Satanists for generations. Not uncommon in small towns. With all the exposure, maybe now these people will be delivered – set free from Satan’s grip.

  23. @Brad – “My wife didn’t need to spur me in the sides to react. On the contrary, most of the time she was trying to hold me back.”
    My wife of almost 52 years has kept me from going to prison more than a few times. Just one of many reasons I’m still married to her.

  24. F4UCorsair

    “My wife of almost 52 years has kept me from going to prison more than a few times.”

    Yea, mine too. It’s hard to identify with the males of today. Must be that diminishing testosterone thing.

  25. 99th Squad Leader — Up until just a couple years ago I was of the “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” variety. Maybe it was because I know only too well just how dark my own heart could be without the Holy Spirit’s intervention and aid. Also, evil spirits frighten me and I don’t want to give them any purchase in my thoughts. Well, one cannot make it through this life, I don’t think, as a flabby Christian, so I’ve been pumping the iron of the whole armor. I know when satan and his minions are sniffing around and have even endured what can only be a satanic attack for the past several years. One episode earlier this year had four distinct parts to it. I was very pleased that it all — more or less — rolled off me like water on a duck. Going through it was no picnic, but it didn’t unravel me. And I think it also has to do with how much we loosen our grip on the world and the things therein. It’s not a matter of becoming nihilistic; just aware — again, according to scripture — that if you love the world, you hate Jesus. Nothing here will last, and our enjoyment of it must occur now because we have no idea how long we may enjoy it.

    But going back to the subject: I’ve never seen anything like this and there is no doubt it is purely evil. The one with the mask is terrible in her own way, but the one laughing seems almost worse to me. And the one filming it all, even if she was doing it to document, is also horrifying, because the damage was being done right before her eyes with no intervention. It makes me wonder if she would have put down the phone and intervene if she saw someone hitting a defenseless animal with a stick.

    It’s not enough they were fired. Crimes against these babies (and they are babies) were committed. If I was law enforcement, I’d make it my life’s work to go through that daycare with a fine toothed comb. If they would do that to children who could tell, what are they capable of in the “infant room” with babies who have no speech? You know good and well that this is pervasive throughout this daycare. It would be naive’ to suggest it was confined to this group of children and these daycare workers. And you’re right, the exceedingly weak response from the owner indicates indifference, if not agreement.

  26. 99th — I would LOVE to know how you met those curses. Fur has my email address. May we communicate via that? This is something that I am very interested in knowing as much as possible. God’s people will undergo constant attack in these times.

    God keep and bless you, 99th!

  27. AbigailAdams, thanks so much for your heartfelt blessing. Really appreciate it. I tend to be a bit private, so I’ll think about sharing emails in the future. Just me being overly cautious.

    It’s no secret to those who know the Lord that they have an enemy called Satan. Christian churches, particularly in America are not equipping themselves with the full Armor of God. They are unwittingly compromised with evil.

    For example, compromising with the enemy by not standing unified against Covid mandates and refusing to participate – no matter the cost. Many American Christians are too afraid of persecution. Third World Christians are facing prison and death. Most American Christians should be ashamed and repent for being afraid of fines and jail time for rejecting Covid mandates. Very small price to pay in comparison.

    I fought and almost got arrested a few times. The police were always gracious. God makes a way! Hallelujah.

    Sure, God’s motivation for everything is Love, but Christians have to acknowledge we are also in a war to win souls. Satan knows this, that’s why he fights so hard against Christians wise to his ways.

    Christians need to shout out the ways God has provided for spiritual warfare. Satan hates exposure because it weakens his effect.

    Spiritual warfare is all through God’s Word. The following is a classic source for those seeking more info on dealing with curses;
    https://youtu.be/Ywrurnd7cgs .
    Derek Prince is a great teacher on the subject. Highly educated for those who need credentials.
    This will give you more of an eye opening into how God provides for those who know him.

  28. BTW, AbigailAdams, God is honoring your faithfulness. Wonderful to hear you have the victory. Having done all…Stand.

    You’re right. Everyone in Hamilton, MS knew those toddlers were being abused and were fine with it – so demonic and routinely done. The daycare operator is lying.

    Also funny you mentioned, “…according to scripture — that if you love the world, you hate Jesus.”
    I’m definitely not a friend of the world. Even though I’m very aware of the current culture, you won’t catch me with braids, long fake lashes and colored streaks in my hair. LOL!

  29. Braids,fake lashes….??!!! LOL! Oh my! Now there’s a mental image!

    I get your hesitancy and need for privacy. I’m the same way. Unfortunately, here in Seattle, it’s hard to find truly born again Christians who like to pray and love to talk about our Lord.

    I just got off the phone with my dearest sister in Christ who is about 3 hours away from me. We chat several times a week just to pray for those in need (and each other). Today we focused on this daycare and the children.

    Thank you for the song link! I love it! I have listened to Derek Prince for a while. In fact I put together a playlist of sermons and talks from various ministers and Biblical scholars every night when I retire, so that I’m listening or revisiting scripture all the time.

    Thanks again!


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