Why would anyone try to mess with this Marine???



Daily Caller:  Imran Awan’s Alleged Intimidation And Witness Tampering.

Soon after the House of Representatives found that Democratic IT aide Imran Awan and his family made “unauthorized access” to congressional data, Imran hurriedly vacated his house, renting it in February 2017 to a former Marine. Imran angrily told his new tenant, Andre Taggart, that he was homeless and to refuse any certified mail in Imran’s name, Taggart said.

A lawyer contacted Taggart about some items Imran left behind in the house and threatened to sue if he didn’t return them, saying he’d accuse Taggart of theft, Taggart said. The equipment included Blackberries and “hard drives they look like they tried to destroy,” as well as laptops and “a lot of brand new expensive [printer] toner,” he said. Based on his military training, they appeared to Taggart to be government equipment, and he called the police.

The Capitol Police and FBI arrived to collect the computer equipment, and Taggart moved out of the house in May, he said. In late August, Taggart felt that there was enough distance between Imran and his family that it was safe to tell his story publicly.

He received a letter  days later from Jesse Winograd, whose law firm Gowen Rhoades Winograd & Silva was hired by Imran to deal with the congressional matter. The letter demanded some $15,000, citing a laundry list of damages, including killing a tree in the yard. Taggart denies the charges and believes Awan may be trying to intimidate him.  read more

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  1. So the Imran family is obviously blackmailing congressional democrats, so why in the HELL is Jeff Sessions (ostensibly a republican) not prosecuting these criminals???

  2. I can’t believe that this Awan case is getting so little press. I wonder where that paki bastard is at.

  3. As both a plaintiff and defendant, Awan must have a lot of loot to spend on lawyers. Maybe somebody else is footing his legal bills, and the lawsuit is part of his defense strategy. You have to hand it to the muslims. They are relentless with their lawfare.

  4. Love that image. A proud American Marine who defends the USA against overt theft and sabotage by Jihad operatives. Proof that not all American black men are lowlife thugs or antifa BLM zombies.

  5. Not surprised, MJA. Glad his training triggers an impulse to defend his nation, as if he had enough sense to be a conservative.
    Maybe after a comparison of 8 yrs. of Barry’s jihad loving policies and Trump’s possible 8 yrs. of MAGA – support for our military, he’ll see the light.


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