Why would unions get free government office space??? Trump agrees, kicking them to curb


While organized labor had a friend in former President Barack Obama, who stacked the National Labor Relations Board with career union labor lawyers, unions are now having a harder go at it under the Trump administration.

In fact, unions accustomed to be provided free government office space to conduct their business are finding themselves with an option of either paying rent or being kicked to the curb.

The moves come as the Office of Personnel Management released guidance last week for agencies to implement Trump’s executive orders “aimed at making it easier to fire federal workers, streamline the collective bargaining negotiation process, and curb union employees’ use of official time,” the government business publication reported.

Unions effectively serve as little more than the campaign arm of the Democratic Party…

So why should taxpayers be a party to these partisan groups…


10 Comments on Why would unions get free government office space??? Trump agrees, kicking them to curb

  1. ABOUT TIME something changes!
    Totally pisses me off that the USGOV provides office space, travel expenses and salary to union representatives. (I know specifically in the VA system)

  2. PDT should make all senators and congress office out of federal buildings as well.
    the annual lease just for Pelosi & DiFi office space would save $$$

  3. Why should businesses be forced to give Unions free shit?
    It’s bad enough that they have to put up with the worthless, lazy, drunken slobs but then must provide them with office space, a “business agent,” places to drink and lounge about during work hours, and thousands of hours of lost work through the “grievance” bullshit.

    Unions are oppressive, totalitarian, opportunistic parasites.
    They provide nothing except graft and corruption for Union officers and Socialist politicians.

    Working men and women should be able to form any associations they choose, but no one should be required to recognize them – gov’t least of all. “Public Sector” Union is an organization at war with itself – only morons would fall for such imbecilities – these are the nightmarish manufactures of Nazi, Soviet, ChiCom, and other “socialist” ideologies.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I hope the rent they pay is at market rates with no sweetheart deals. No need to support your enemies.

  5. My wife works for a nameless/faceless government entity in a capacity I will not share with you. He/She/It reported lots of union wimpys being upset this week about the new Boss’s directions and losing their safey spaces.

    I read the directions.

    Friends we are getting what we wanted in President Donald J. Trump; he is nobody’s suckup and I can see how and why the deep staters want him dead or impeached.

    Whoooeeee! Go President Trump. (I will not use my usual posting name for this.)

  6. Government union workers – the REAL 1%*

    *Literally. There are about 3,000,000+ civilian federal employees in our country with 300,000,000+ people.


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