Why You Never Cave To Leftist Demands- “Stopping Separation of Families is Not Enough!”

The crying, all the crying by the left about families being separated when they are detained for sneaking into the country was a giant crock of crocodile tears, and we all urged everyone not to fall for it.

I was called “heartless” on Twitter and Disqus when I said I was unmoved by the maudlin display of weepy progs. I said “maybe, but I’m not brainless, either.”

Anyone that’s been alive and paying attention knows that the left are liars. The end game is open borders, and “Act II – The Left Shows Heart” is the set up for “Final Act – America is Destroyed.”


Members of the media and Democrats are unsatisfied with President Trump’s executive order temporarily ending family separations at the border and are now urging him to end his zero tolerance policy on prosecuting people who cross the border illegally.


One advocate for 100% tolerance, in his Spanish accent, said,

“How are these parents not going to be separated from their children if they have to go to court?”

How are these parents not going to be separated from their children IF THEY GO TO WORK!!!!!!??


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  1. Funny how most are unaccompanied. Separating them from whom, cayotes/smugglers?

    Not to worry lefties. Once they’re untethered from the teat, we’ll all be paying to take care of them and their parent(s), but that includes you also.
    Thanks again for spending my money on something I neither want nor need.

  2. The Democrat party has destroyed and separated families for 70 years. It’s the same reason all 3rd worlders want in: welfare.

  3. The exact same things and worse were happening under Obama. It didn’t bother these pricks one bit then. I think most Americans are wise to their bullshit.

  4. Of course not – this was never about child separation. This was about transforming America with open borders. And the only option they wanted was catch and release or just let them waltz in, give them their welfare packet.

  5. I stand with the democrats–parents should never be forcibly separated from their children. Here are my solutions. 1) Keep them together and ship them all back. 2) Stop ripping babies out of their mother’s wombs. 3) Stop encouraging single motherhood–promote marriage and let’s keep those families together.

    I’m sure the democrats will stand with me.

  6. “Zero Tolerance” pretty much sums up the leftists and democrat party.

    I see pictures of these “kids” and NONE of them are underfed and emaciated.
    Gonna have to call bullshit.

  7. Keeping them together just makes it easier to send them back. If they are in fact family units.
    The leftists didn’t think of that and now they’re ticked off.

  8. “IF THEY GO TO WORK?”, hard to imagine that will be an issue. Hell, they get more in government benefits than our Veterans get.

  9. Now that states can collect sales taxes on purchases made outside the state they will have plenty of money to house, educate, medicate and entertain the illegal families!

  10. A brutally effective meme would be a picture of an aborted child with the following:

    “The Democrat Party Supports the Separation of Children From Their Mothers.”

  11. .We are back to “chaos” in the cycle. Fake News being pumped out that there’s no coordination among various agencies in complying with Trump’s desperate EO, and the job has been so badly botched that the inept government cannot even reunite the poor tykes with their parents.


    It would be laughable if it weren’t so infuriating.

  12. The Left is TRYING to use POTUS’s main campaign platfrom of ILLEGAL immigration, to drive a wedge between US (his base) and DJT.

    They do not realize… IT_AIN’T_HAPPENING!


  13. I’m damn sick and tired of governing this nation on feelings. Yes, I feel sorry for children being separated from their parents. But let’s look at the facts without injecting “feelings” into this issue.

    1. Donald J. Trump’s administration is enforcing our immigration laws. That is what a President is constitutionally bound to do. Once a President (I’m looking at you, Obama) starts picking and choosing what laws to enforce, this country ceases to be governed by the rule of law and becomes a nation governed by the whims of the President.

    2. Virtually every nation in the world has immigration laws, and this should be no surprise by anyone. Even Mexico tries to stop Central American people from entering its country. Illegal immigrants to the United States know that they are committing a crime, yet they try anyway and bring their children with them.

    3. Separating children from parents who are detained from criminal activity is normal in the United States. If you are a drug dealer with two minor children and are arrested and jailed, your children will be taken from you. If you are an American citizen and commit armed robbery, your children will be taken from you.

    4. I feel bad that these people live in shit holes. Liberals bitch and whine about America acting as the world’s policeman, and liberals promote the dictatorial governments that lead to nations becoming shit holes, so there’s little I can do about this. But I can try to defeat those jackasses that want to turn America into a shit hole.

    Rant done.

  14. Our laws (and enforcement) of illegal immigrants should be the same as the country (Mexico) that the illegals came from.

  15. Voters and future voters and crime victims are watching dems and republicans telling them they want illegal aliens to replace us. Just walk in freely and pick up $$$ and benefits for the rest of their lives. 2018 will be a bloodbath for dems and some RINOs.

  16. Today’s children of illegal immigrants are tomorrow’s DACA recipients, the dems just need them all to be released from custody to disappear until voting age.

    No Amnesty!


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