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Why you should be concerned by NASCAR’s hard left turn

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NASCAR has always been a sport with a fan base that leans conservative. With roots in the prohibition era, the first NASCAR drivers were former bootleggers who turned their rum running hotrods into blazing fast race cars that dazzled the fans in attendance. Nowhere else was the sport more popular than Wilkes County, North Carolina – the “Moonshine Capital of the World” – and home of the first official NASCAR track at North Wilkesboro. Small rural towns across the South continue to dominate NASCAR’s top markets to this day, and if you visit a track on race day you’ll quickly find yourself in a sea of working class rural Americans.

Despite this, the organization in charge of the sport has done everything in its power to separate itself from this audience. At every turn, with every new development in the sport, they move further away from their core fan base. When deciding to move the historic “Clash at Daytona” from its home in Florida, they didn’t move it to another area with widespread support for the sport. They decided to hold it in the center of Los Angeles. That historic track in North Wilkesboro? It was closed, so that its race date could be moved elsewhere.

Their latest decision surrounding the “Lets Go Brandon” meme is only the icing on the cake. Keep in mind, this is a situation entirely of their own making. Brandon Brown is required by NASCAR to participate in a post-race interview, or else he will be fined. It was their partner NBC, which along with Fox is by far the largest source of revenue for the sport, that made the gaffe that started it all. Even this latest uproar regarding the LGBCoin.io sponsorship is entirely of their own making, after Brandonbilt Motorsports removed any mention of the phrase “Lets Go Brandon” from the car and a NASCAR official approved the sponsorship in writing. Responsibility for the destruction of Brandon’s potential as a marketable race car driver sits squarely at the feet of the NASCAR leadership and their partners. By preventing Brandon from trying to capitalize on the situation, by forbidding him from using his own name in a phrase they created, they have destroyed his potential as a rising star in the sport out of fear of the woke mob. All while allowing left wing organizations to freely sponsor drivers.

This event is just the latest in a long line of attacks on the traditional NASCAR fan base. By doing everything they can to separate themselves from their fans, and the history of the sport itself, they make it clear that they don’t care about you. The leaders of NASCAR have no interest in keeping you as a fan. If anything, they’d prefer that you stop watching – so they can continue to market themselves to woke LA progressives and escape the stigma of being associated with us.

As a long time fan whose first memories on this Earth are of watching Bobby Labonte and Dale Earnhardt race to a photo finish at Atlanta, it saddens me to say that I’ve had enough. Steve Phelps, Jim France and Mike Helton have won. I won’t bother you with my presence as a fan any longer. NASCAR and stock car racing in general has long been a cornerstone of rural American culture, surpassed only by country music and Jesus. Unfortunately, that may no longer be the case.

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  1. nascar lost me when they had all of the competitors walk out of the pits touching bubba smollett wallaces car after the pull cord incident.

  2. NASCAR makes their money on network broadcast rights and licensed merchandise sales. The quickest way to burn down NASCAR is to stop buying their merch.

  3. I like Thunder Road, the movie and the song. I like fast cars and bikes. I like the drags. But watching cars go around and around in a circle always bored me.

  4. I would love to see them lose loyalty like the Salvation Army, but with many of the fans racing is all they have. I’ll be shocked if their numbers dwindle to the point it makes headlines. Personally, I quit watching years ago. Not enough road courses in the season to warrant my attention.

  5. The problem they will soon discover, is the woke soyboys and girls on the left coast, aren’t interested in cars and mechanical things. I predict soon they will be championing the first transgender driver. NASCAR began losing me in the early 2000s when they changed the rules in an effort to manipulate who would earn a championship. Then the cars got farther and farther removed from any resemblance to anything you could actually buy. Add in their minority outreach, Junior, Jeff, and Tony retiring, and I quit them years ago.

  6. BTW, the handwriting was on the wall when they standardized the cars and forced restrictor plates.

    It was, and should still be, a backyard engineering free-for-all. Unlimited horsepower and modificatons of cars limited only by the driver’s imagination and risk tolerance.

    Yes, it’s more risky that way. As long as the driver is over 21 and accepts those risks, so be it.

    Some things are INHERENTLY risky and CANNOT be made ‘safe’.

    Racing is one of those things.

    If it’s too dangerous for you, snowflake, go play MarioCart 457 as Princesz Wuss.

    Get off the REAL track and leave the go REALLY fast and turn left (if you can) to men who UNDERSTAND what racing SHOULD be…

  7. How long before they go electric? There’s nothing like the whine of electric motors as the pack comes out of turn 4. Not.

    Their new, greatly reduced fan base is not going to allow internal combustion engines to power these cars. The NASCAR racing series will be history in 5 years or less.

    Get woke, go broke. Brandon Brown needs to learn to code.

  8. These guys can no longer get the last 10 laps in without 3 cautions & 2 re-starts.

    Fuck em!

    Moto GP for me!
    (no Idea of the politics)

  9. Been a road racer (SCCA) for many years,, we all know NASCAR is contrived racing. I walked away when 3 passed, haven’t looked back, many friends who continued to watch walked away over the years for various reasons like the rigged outcomes. NASCAR setting themselves up to go to China like NBA, fuck em!

  10. Never could see the allure of watching cars go round and round and waiting for a crash. You know that’s what fans want to see.

  11. RadioMattM

    How many gallons of Mobile 1 0W-20 do Soy Boys buy at pep Boys?

    And where the Fuck is the Starbucks, Goodyear, Champion Spark Plug Chevrolet?

  12. @LocoBlancoSaltine not all racetracks, just NASCAR racetracks. The majority of dirt tracks are owned by rednecks and the majority of drivers are rednecks. You find very few leftist idiots at dirt tracks.

    Now you’ll find some idiot sponsors sometimes, like the sponsors and car owners who took a ride from a guy at the Chili Bowl for saying he was niggered up, a phrase that they all know has been said since racing started. It’s one of the reasons I root more the guys who pay their own way.

  13. Nascar, I haven’t watched in years, it’s boring as shit and they’ve hated their fans since all of the good old guys started retiring and dying off.

  14. That’s why we race lawnmowers. And barstools. And whatever we can put together. Everything that gets big money into it gets ruined to the core. Look at Aspen. Hell, look at Whitefish.

  15. Well sonny, NASCAR used to be a sport of real men, then after 1973 the guy with the black hat named Petty was eatin’ everything on the track they banned Hemi engines…and in turned in to a bunch of low testosterone soyboy cart drivers that it is today!


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