Why You Should Never Put Toilet Paper On A Toilet Seat In A Public Bathroom

KFI: Few people actually like to use public bathrooms, but during those times when nature calls and there isn’t a choice, before most people sit on the toilet, they go ahead and build a little nest out of the toilet paper so they don’t get any germs on themselves. However, it turns out that isn’t such a good idea. Believe it or not, using the toilet paper exposes you to way more bacteria than if you just have a seat directly on the toilet. 

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  1. What the article says never occurred to me, but I do usually tear off some TP and carefully toss it (because people are nasty), so hopefully I bypass those germies.

  2. …also, look at the roll before you use it…if there’s a blood dot that goes all the way through, a heroin addict “Cleaned” his needle with it…

    …also, reject the dangling sheets as the last guy may have used his manky, shit-stained hand to hold the UPPER part when pulling off the LOWER…

    …also too, blood dots on the holder, the seat, and/or the top of the urinal and handle means a Muslim rested his dick rag that he wiped his bloody syphilitic discharge off with there (Muzzies don’t believe in penecillin because it “might” be processed with pork products, so all stages through paresis could have been present in the last denizen of your stall), so avoid contact…

  3. This is BS. If the TP which is rolled up and protected is as dirty as the article claims, it is too filthy to use for its intended purpose.

  4. Nope. Still using TP on seat before using a public toilet. I always check the condition of TP rolls. If stained I go to another stall. Not interested in sitting on a seat covered with someone else’s “whatever”. I also, spray the toilet seat with Lysol (travel size can) before I sit down.
    BTW, ditto Dave. The article is nonsense.

  5. I don’t recommended applying hot coconut oil directly on an unbleached elastic starfish unless it’s my Petey B doing the applying!

  6. Outhouses are worse, i only use them if I absolutely have to in order not to crap my pants. I’d rather take a dump outside than use an outhouse. I hate the portable outhouses that are found particularly at some govt. rest areas. I’ll pee into them and that’s it. They should issue small kid warnings for them to keep kids from falling into them.

  7. Get real. You can’t believe a thing a scientist says anymore. If you still can’t see that…….

    Wearing a mask is like wearing one of those queer rainbow ribbons on your clothes.
    It just shows conformity to idiotic causes.

  8. CC – Ass Gaskets are for the out house in wintertime in the cold climates, UP, Wisconsin, etc so that you don’t have to call someone for help to pry yer frozen ass off the seat!

  9. Wasting TP will get Ya shot around these parts….Down to two Rolls..

    and like a Cocaine Addict…I come Home several times a Day to make

    sure No one has been in My stash….

  10. I jus crap in my drawers … uh .. come to tink uvvit . I ALWAYS crap in my drawers …….

  11. 👍 Those muslims got it right again! 👍

    1. Squat over an open sewer hole.
    2. Wipe with left hand.
    3. Don’t use ANY toilet paper.
    4. Wipe hand on turban.

    Now go home and bang a few 🐐 🐐 🐐 you sanitary S.O.B!

  12. super nightshade
    “means a Muslim rested his dick rag that he wiped his bloody syphilitic discharge off with there”
    please tell me, what is a Dick rag? Is that something they wrap around their dingdong underneath their dresses? oh my God

  13. TP should be outlawed. It’s a waste of precious resources like water and trees, and it’s a symbol of Western privilege over all cultures that do not have it. Get over yourselves, privileged white people: either wipe with your hand, as advanced Indians do, or with smooth stones like the enlightened Islamic culture, or hire illegal Salvadoran children to wipe you, as I do.

  14. People are pigs. Drive cross country in any direction some time and you will see. If you want a good business idea, franchise PAY toilets across the nation on major highways. Charge $10 per person per use. Hire on site people to keep them clean, 24/7. NO PAY/ NO PLAY period ! Here is the important part. USER ID REQUIRED. Abuse it once and you lose it. Don’t like it, tough shit, go to the filthy, piss on the floor truck stop down the road. Happy Corona to you.

  15. “The Move.” Read it. Know it. Live it. 🙂

    That’s a man’s man right there. Never met him but I’m proud to know him (I’ve had to clean womens’ bathrooms in factories before…don’t ask because it’s unspeakable but you ladies know exactly what I mean).

  16. mickey moussaoui,

    I’d gladly pay but you’d get sued by a line of leftists with tapeworm lawyers for even trying it. Remember the woman several years back in the (I think) Jo Anne’s who sued over the bathroom? We do not live in among a reasonable citizenry.

  17. Habitually used knuckle, elbow, knee and foot to manipulate various surfaces and mechanisms in public places long before corona, and will continue to do so long after corona. I’d like to think it’s common enough sense that most men do as well.

  18. Caroleigh
    MAY 26, 2020 AT 8:04 AM
    super nightshade
    ““means a Muslim rested his dick rag that he wiped his bloody syphilitic discharge off with there”
    please tell me, what is a Dick rag? Is that something they wrap around their dingdong underneath their dresses? ”

    …sorry, I’ve been unwillingly steeped in Islamic, eh, “culture” so long, I forget there’s still a sane world that hasn’t seen this.


    ..you see, Mohammmad was something of a control freak, and dictated everything a Muslim is required to, mostly because he could. One of thise things was what you say and what you do when you take a leak.

    For actual text you can look here, https://islamqa.info/en/answers/12657/what-are-the-parts-which-should-be-washed-when-doing-istinjaa ,but the short version is that they will come into the bathroom, sometimes fill a water bottle, take a paper towel or TP, and after peeing wash their cocks off all over the floor and surrounding landscape. We have the African variety so it may be different with true Sons of the Desert, but ours will often wipe with the paper and then use the sodden paper to pull the handle or put it on nearby flat surfaces, squeezing out a quantity of dick water and whatever they wiped off it in the process.

    They also frequently use the urinal water for both this abulation AND their handwashing, and then cruise right out past the sink when done.

    Also too, in a separte process they sometimed do, probably around prayers, they draw quatities of sink water into their noses and blast it into the sink (leaving boogers and snot on walls, appliances, etc.), in the mouth and SPIT, and in the ears and DRIP, evidently some other edict of the Pedophile. Whatever, we have a trough sink and they don’t care if multiple users are there, when it’s blow time, it’s blow time.

    Obviously I avoid being in the bathroom with Muzzies, but this goes back to when we first got ’em. They USED to just sashay over to the communal sink and whip it out for wiping right next to you, at least the Company redirected THAT much by letting them have dick wash bottles.

    I remember we once had an older Black lady who cleaned the toilets, and she’d usually stick her head in the men’s and holler to clean it out. The sinks are the only thing visible from the door, so this didn’t used to be a problem, until one day I found her outside of the men’s with a disgusted look on her face. When I asked her, she said “he washing his ding-ding in the sink! That’s NASTY!” I agreed, but told her it’s what they do, and she had someone go instead of her the rest of the time she was there…and, I hope, gave special attention to the sink afterwards.

    I don’t know what the ladies do, mostly because I’m not one. I’m guessing whatever it is is a BITCH to do in a body tube so they probably are more prone to skip any sort of “hygiene” than the guys, but you’d be in a better position than I to tell. Listen the next time you’re in a stall next to a burqua, look at weird blood pools in YOUR stall, and maybe YOU can tell ME next time…

    …sorry to bring this into the light of day, but they ARE dusgusting people because the Pedophile MADE them disgusting people, and anyone who interacts with them should know it for their own safety…and know it AIN’T gonna CHANGE.

    Because a pedophile did it 1400 years ago. Now THEY must.

    …side note: it’s an old saying, “Never shake the left hand of a Turk”. That’s because they usually DON’T use toilet paper, but instead wipe poo with the left hand. See above, et.al., for confirmation this isn’t JUST an idle saying, and enjoy an international world complete with Third World hygiene and Third World diseases.

    …The More You Know…

  19. Like 99th Squad Leader I have a mini-spray bottle but with 90% alcohol. Pull off about a foot of the TP. Ever since dorm in life in college and seeing how dirty and nasty a bunch of women could be I try to be careful not paranoid.

  20. I won’t be having lunch today, thank you very much for the gross details.
    I carry baby wipes and disposable gloves in my purse and in my car and rarely use a public rest room.
    People really sit on those seats?

  21. As an old maintenance man, I am so glad that I no longer have to deal with these idiots.

    The women are the worst. Each one squats above the commode and hits everything but…

    Then, the next one calls for janitorial or maintenance to clean it before they’ll use it.

    They refuse to touch practically anything which led to battery operated “hands free” systems. Otherwise, they flush the commodes with their feet often time damaging them and leave the sinks running after washing their hands…

    The “hands free” systems in large setting such as hospitals or large office buildings require more staff to keep the batteries changed.

    The management doesn’t want to pay for them, so, that’s why, too often, when you go to use these facilities, the “hands free” doesn’t work…

  22. the ONLY clean public shitters in America are at any Buc-Ee’s. The first place we stop in Texas is always at the Buc-Ee’s in Baytown Tejas. I’m a Beaver Believer.

  23. Stand on the rim, poop on the tank top, jump down and pull the fire alarm. Be sure to follow that order.

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