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Why’d He Do It?

Why did this guy attack his girlfriend?wht'dhedo

  1. She put a sweater on his dog
  2. She refused to smell his armpit
  3. He caught her wearing thong underwear to church
  4. She refused sex with his cousin… Olga
  5. She bought packing tape when he said she should be taking it from work
  6. He saw “dates” in her browsing history… it was about the fruit
  7. She brought home medium fries instead of large
  8. She said she was thinking of voting for Trump
  9. She’s starting to look like her mother
  10. She lost on The Price Is Right


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  1. Gotta be the armpit. Would hate to think Fur came up with that on his own.

    Hey, wait-a-minute! Who am I talking about … Mr. Third Grader himself! hehe

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