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WI Rendered Safe from Offensive Placenames

Fox News

The government has renamed more than two dozen lakes and other sites on federal land in Wisconsin to remove a racist term for a Native American woman.

The changes announced Thursday capped a nearly yearlong process that began when Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, an American Indian, took office in 2021 and worked to remove the offensive word “squaw” from the names of nearly 650 peaks, lakes, streams and other places nationwide. More

24 Comments on WI Rendered Safe from Offensive Placenames

  1. Rename all the places with Indian place names. Like we could change Canandaigua to Otisville, or change the Mohawk Valley to Wild Bill Valley. I’m triggered by those blood thirsty savages!

  2. Woke libtards…”squaw” is a problem because??? Document your sources, cross referenced, etc.

    Unfortunately the home of political correctness (University of Wisconsin – Madison) is within line of sight to the state capitol.

  3. BFD
    The liberal Massholes that have infested/infected my state of Maine eliminated “Squaw” from local landmarks years ago.
    My Native daughter=in-law just shakes her head at the stupidity.

  4. The morons with the permanent hurt feel feels renamed Squaw Valley in California too. Everyone here still calls it Squaw Valley.

  5. “We honor native Americans by renaming any place, team, or object named after native Americans to something completely divorced from native American culture; so in 100 years, no one will ever see a native American tribal name nor word anywhere.”

    — Assholes who think they’re doing native Americans a favor.

  6. Washington Commode doors is still the “Smallpox blankets” @ my house!!!

  7. Isn’t the word “squaw” a native word? Why is it offensive? Erasing our land’s history will make it a meaningless Progressive Dystopia. They never know when to stop. In my opinion, they should all perform late term abortion on themselves and do us all and this planet a favor.

  8. It’s happening in Minnesota too (an Indian name meaning milky waters).
    And that Indian on the Land o’ lakes butter box is none too happy either.

    Might have to rename the state to “Land of 10,000 liberal looney politicians”.

  9. Didn’t mean to denigrate our state bird, the loon, in calling out the loons we have had in office: Jesse Ventura, Al Franken, Ilhan Omar, Klobuchar etc.

    I rest my case.

  10. Dr. Tar

    No. They changed it about three months ago. But like I posted above everyone still refers to it as Squaw Valley.
    They also publically quit refering to Placerville as Hangtown. Some pussy city bueracrat caved to the demands of Black Lives Splatter. You would be amazed at the amount of businesses named “Hangtown (fill in the blank)”
    The manikin hanging by the neck in the town center was supposed to be removed about a year ago. It’s still there. Unless someone stole it. They always bring it back in a few days. It’s become the town joke.

  11. We used to have squaw fish (bottom suckers, basically carp) in Wash. state, now they’re called pike minnow needle fish which makes no sense since they’re not pike’s nor do they have a needle like face and mouth. And they used to have a bounty on them, I don’t know if they still rate a bounty or not. I also wonder when the offended left tards will try and change the name of Hangman Creek, AKA Latah Creek as well as the name of the Hangman valley golf course because some Indians were hung down in that valley in the late 1800’s. Spokane is named after Spokane Garry a local Indian chief in the late 1800’s and Seattle is also named after an Indian as well. And Washington state will also have to change its name since George Washington was a slave owner. The left is nothing but a bunch of malcontent pissants who hate everything that is not politically correct.

  12. Now I want to listen to Hair by The Cowsills. All my once long beautiful hair is now gone and bald and cut short, my brother in Seattle is the only one left with longer hair (and a pony-tail but he’s a liberal) and a combover to hide his bald spot. The other 3 of us all have short hair which we were all laughing about when I saw them a couple of weeks ago.

  13. White Devil Mountain still acceptable, though.

  14. And you know that the Grand Tetons in Wyoming were named by more than likely a horny Frenchman since Grand Tetons means Big Tits in French.

  15. In Utah we found out this week that Provo’s Squaw Peak has been renamed to Kyhv Peak! Who/what is a ‘Kyhv’?? There were also about 50 other places with squaw in the name changed here.

  16. @geoff

    The Grand Tetons long ago were called the Petite Tetons, but they had Mountain Enlargement Surgery.

  17. AS they’ve done for years, the US federal government trying to minimize-eliminate native American Indians just as they have done and still do with sterilizing the reproductive systems of unsuspecting native women and children. Go in for a hernia, come out with a barren womb. Same for native men scheduled for surgery of various reaons, come out with vasectomies.

  18. How significant is the cost of renaming multiple road signs, maps, etc. so wasteful bureaucrats can pretend they’re doing something useful?
    Let’s concentrate on minutia while much more important issues are ignored, right?
    And who’s relative’s company gets the no-bid contract to produce those new signs?

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