Wife Of Senator Rand Paul Says He Is Living In Constant Pain Since Attack From Neighbor

American Lookout:

Ever since the physical attack on Senator Rand Paul by his unhinged neighbor, he has been living with constant pain his wife Kelley reports. She also blasts the media for their careless headlines and reportage on the matter.

She writes at CNN:

Since the attack, my husband Rand Paul hasn’t taken a single breath without pain

The average person takes 20,000 breaths a day. Since November 3, my husband, Rand Paul, has not taken a single one without pain. He has not had a single night’s sleep uninterrupted by long periods of difficult breathing or excruciating coughing.

As his wife, I have been distraught over seeing him suffer like this. There have been several nights where I had my hand on my phone ready to call 911 when his breathing became so labored it was terrifying.

Despite this, he refused to give in to the pain and was determined to fly back to Washington last week to do his job. As we walked through the airport returning from D.C., he was shivering with a 102.5 fever, and the next morning his internist diagnosed pneumonia in his damaged lung.

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24 Comments on Wife Of Senator Rand Paul Says He Is Living In Constant Pain Since Attack From Neighbor

  1. Believe it.

    I broke two ribs back in ’10. One of them lightly nicked the parietal pleura. Hurt. Like. Hell. I laugh whenever a character in a book or movie is said to have broken ribs and bounces right up to do more damage to bad guys. Do that shit, and you won’t laugh, breathe deeply (which is where my flirtation with pneumonia came into play) or make any sudden moves for months. Bending over to tie shoelaces was an exercise of the utmost delicacy. Hell, I didn’t even sneeze for three months, as if my body knew that was a Very Bad Idea.

    Five years later, I started lifting weights – someone around here has to remain physically capable, and people are depending on me. The cartilage, or whatever it is was singing me a new song for days after. Paul got slammed horribly. He’ll be recovering for a long time, and suffer souvenirs for even longer.

  2. “The fact is, neither Rand nor I have spoken to the attacker in 10 years (since before his wife and children moved away) other than a casual wave from the car.”

    Lol. Bet the dog ran away too.

  3. I am thankful the nut job didn’t kill him and pray for a quick recovery. The left is just a magnet for the insane theses days since they are able to do these sorts of things with no real consequences.

  4. There are two choices here (that are legal). Rand can sue the guy for all he’s worth and most likely win. Or he can forgive the guy and God will revenge.

  5. Having been in a motorcycle wreck earlier this year with multiple broken ribs, I can vouch for what Rosalind and others said. Senator Paul will be in pain at least another month or more.

  6. I had a rib broken 2 years ago…by my chiropractor!! It took a full year to recover, and I was in constant pain. I feel for Rand Paul. Well, I don’t want to feel that way again, but I understand his horrific pain.

  7. OK. It’s bad, ye know?

    But, did he have to marry his own helicopter mom? I mean, he’s not the Senator from Georgia. Not even Alabama. Unless he’s planning on moving to France.

  8. I broke a rib walking my dog a few years ago and the pain from one broken rib is tremendous. It’s agonizing to move, to find a spot in the bed that was just right so that you could breath without grunting and I ended up takin low dose oxycontin for a month just to recover enough for regular painkillers. Hope the Senator keeps getting better each day and his assailant ends up in federal court for assaulting a sitting US Senator which could be looked as an attack upon the government.

  9. I feel for Rand. I’ve cracked a few ribs in my day, but nothing like has happened to him. There were times I just wished I could stop breathing just to stop the pain.

  10. What most people don’t understand? It only hurts when you breathe or move, simple right? In the 90’s I popped 3 ribs out of joint lifting something heavy. Took 2 months to get away from the pain. Look up Costochondritis. Pure pain.

  11. Getting into or out of bed with a busted rib is pure hell. Laying in bed isn’t much better. Setting up barely tolerable. Two months at least before the pain drops to less than 4 on a scale of ten.

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