Wild Police Pursuit – Officer Firing Through His Own Windshield

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  1. Wow! If he weren’t dead, Steve McQueen would be perfect starring in that scene.
    ….Lady in Red

  2. guess we’re gonna hear the usual braying about ‘excessive use of’ … fill in the blank … but I can find little fault in the officer’s application of force to neutralize danger to himself, his compatriots, or further loss of property & an as-quickly-as-possible resolution to the situation.

    … I can hear the mayor now … ‘well, that officer is going to have to pay for the damages to his police cruiser!’

  3. I counted 18 fired out of the first magazine. I think he fired 13 after replacing if. So much for the old “nobody needs a high capacity magazine” argument.

    Hope he killed the mutterfloker!
    Oh Mayor Bloomberg he had an illegal magazine, or clip, or something. GTFAH.

  5. now that was a chase. Wow. Good on you cop. Killed the bastards.

    Vegas bad guy Didnt play his cards right. should know the house always wins.

  6. I’m not going to try to argue with success, but shooting through his windshield was a bad idea. The closer the point of deflection, and those bullets certainly were affected by going through windshield safety glass, the more unpredictable the path of the bullet on the rest of its trajectory. I’d like to see a little practical testing to see just how far off target those shots were likely to be. I’d bet pretty far off.

  7. That officer was working that trigger like a damn Stradivarius. He didn’t learn that shit from the department. This headline should read “Gunslinger Cop Kills an assassin”. This guy had the presence of mind to break department protocol and engage the suspects, two bad dudes, on the road. He totally muffed his reload. I’ll write it off to way to much adrenaline. This guys a cool cucumber.

  8. Uncle Al

    Windshields, the first one thru is anybodies guess. The object of the game is to try and put the rest of them thru the same hole. Or close. They teach you to hold the muzzle within 6 inches of the windshield so you don’t blow back glass. This guy knew his shit.

  9. Hey Uncle Al

    You should take some of those classes out there in Florida. They’re relatively cheap. And you would have a blast. Do a shoot house. But only if you want to be frustrated. I speak from experience.

  10. My only criticism: his rifle would have been easier to aim and hit the target in this situation. If it’s in the trunk, they need to rethink that setup and make it available on the fly. Dallas has often had short shotguns standing in their squads for decades. Rifles can do that too.

    Glad to see he carries a Glock and not the honorable and beautiful, but inferior, 1911. Capacity matters.

  11. Although the baddies were shooting at him, the REAL danger was from all those moron drivers who didn’t get the f**k out of the way!

  12. “My only criticism: his rifle would have been easier to aim and hit the target in this situation”
    Behind the wheel? I’ll take my handgun thank you. Try and transition from over the dash to out your drivers side window. Not to mention, how many more innocent lives are at risk with a 3000 ft per second round over a .40 hand gun round. He’s already broken most departments protocol by engaging them in a running street battle. I don’t agree at all with trying to bring a long gun into this fight while careening down the road in a high speed pursuit.

  13. About 34 Years ago Vegas had a similar shootout. Dim/Felon shot a

    MC Cop in the head during a high speed pursuit…Next Officer pinned

    the Vehicle against a wall , and as the Dim/Felon got out of His

    Vehicle, the Police Officer shot Him 9 times through the Windshield.

    You could have covered the holes with a closed Fist.

    If memory serves Me correct, it happened at a Waffle House.

  14. If anyone wants to learn more about ballistics of firearms and every day things like shooting through car windshields. There is an excellent YouTube channel, probably the single best gun channel on YouTube. The guy that runs it was military, shoots competitively and unfortunately has been involved with real defensive gun use.

    Paul Harrell is the man. Beware of live gun fire, we are at the range after all!



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