Wild video shows stolen school bus plowing into parked cars in NYC

Another person can be heard yelling, “You all should have been shootin’ that n—–.”


Wild video shows a stolen school bus barreling into a number of parked cars in Brooklyn as cops chase the driver down Thursday afternoon.

The short yellow bus was reported stolen from East Flatbush just after 4:15 p.m. when the driver tracked it to East New York through its GPS, police said.

The bus thief then turned the street into a demolition derby — smashing into a number of cars before the smoking vehicle stopped at 1738 East New York Ave. more h/t Mr. Pinko.

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  1. Whelp, I’m sure the guy in the van that got snowplowed down the street is grateful that all the cops are totally hesitant to “shoot an unarmed Black man” when his life is in peril from a crazy guy cramming him sideways uncontrollably down a major NYC thorofare…/s

  2. using a motor vehicle to attempt to do bodily harm is what I would consider using a “deadly weapon”

    … maybe it’s just me …

  3. As I watched that one cop running back toward whoever was taking the video I thought for sure the bus was going to reappear driving back the other way! LOL!

    (sorry, but that was what I thought)

  4. NY Times headlne: “School Bus Wreaks Havoc On NY Street”

    No mention of the driver unless he was a white hetero male.

  5. Told you before…

    He was wearing a mask, so all is well and just trying to create some social distance between him and the Unvaxed Cops.

    All Good!


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