Will It Be Judgement Day For Democrats?

DMF: This is a call for a straight Republican vote on Tuesday. Not because Republicans are perfect, but because the Democrats are insane. There needs to be a consequence for their behavior at the ballot box. It’s time for America to pass judgment on the Democrat Party.

There was a time when most Americans believed both parties wanted the best for the country, we just disagreed on policy. No More. These days, we’re not arguing about welfare reform or tax rates. We’re not debating education funding or quibbling about environmental regulations. We’re not even separated by mere differences of opinion. One side is aligned with the constitution, the other has chosen rampant corruption and tyranny. One side believes in the rule of law, the other has embraced mob rule. One side is right the other is wrong. It’s a moral fight for the soul of the country.

November 6th is judgment day for the Democrats. It took a century of creeping leftism to bring about this confrontation, but the last 10 years have ramped up the intensity to the point where we must choose a side. Both parties want power, but the Democrats want absolute power. When they talk about assassinating Kavanaugh, or Trump, and when they tacitly approve of Antifa beating people, don’t look away. This is who they are.

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  1. Here in PA it is raining. This means lazy millenials and other filth will stay home and leave the voting to the adults. Unfortunately, due to “redistricting”, that may not matter here.

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement a little while ago to go vote. I do feel better about it even though I wasn’t fond of my choices.

  3. I live in commiefornia and the ads run at least 10 to one for dems. Never even saw an ad for Repub gov Cox! And very little news coverage. Millennials now run the newsrooms.

  4. Its raining here in upstate NY. I always heard thats good for republicans. Lets pray its true. I voted at 8:34 AM straight line republican.

  5. YUGE turn out in my precinct! I do not know if that is good or bad…..
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  6. These are NOT Democrats! These assholes are out and out COMMUNISTS! JFK was the last of the real Democrats that’s why THEY killed him, and the same reason I fear for Trump’s life.

  7. STORYLINE of “Judgement Day” (actors SLIGHTLY modified):

    “Cultists with an enigmatic leader (George Soros) seize the only man capable of devising a way to stop a giant meteor from hitting the Earth (Donald Trump). Agents (YOU, THE VOTERS) are then sent to his rescue…”


    Not a bad fit! I was going to use
    [spoken in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice]
    “I’ll be MAGA”, but, hey…whatever works….

  8. Where the polls are not yet closed be sure to get everyone to vote GOP – the vote count must be high enough to overcome dem vote fraud.

  9. Never in 48years of votes have I ever voted without the thoughtful vetting and consideration of all the candidates.
    Jumped the shark, went Republican, straight ticket, in my county that excluded all local peeps.
    I figure until the Democrats get a handle on their unreasonable hateful rhetoric, blind eye to the support of violence, stay slaves to their MSM overlords, they are not worth my consideration.
    The media runs the Democrat party, wake up you fools, they are using your game, on you.

  10. Republicans may seem likely winners, but as the last vote flips, the Demonrats Commies will be the stealing winners. Corruption is deep and wide in the political anarchy of Communist-run USA.

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