Will Kyrsten Sinema become an Independent?

Don Surber: How Republicans could take the Senate this year.

There are only 48 Democrats in the Senate. Outnumbered by Republicans, Democrats hold the majority thanks to independents Bernie Sanders and Angus King, and the tie-breaking vote of Kamala Harries

Democrats may fall to 47 as Kyrsten Sinema may be contemplating a move to becoming independent.That may or may not flip the Senate depending on how badly she wants to get back at party bosses.

Josh Marshall thinks she will bolt. He reported, “Sinema Cueing Up To Go Indy.” MORE

11 Comments on Will Kyrsten Sinema become an Independent?

  1. When she was running for election I thought she was a nut, but compared to the rest of the dems she’s downright semi-normal!

  2. TPM Josh is a pathetic liberal prog who will say anything to drive the radical left to crush moderate K. Simena. I doubt that the democrats even pay much attention to him. They are too busy doing their infatile crying jags in the white house and wearing tax-the-rich evening gowns. The dems are in self destruct mode.

  3. @banjo bill

    I was wondering what she looks like naked too.

    I’m shallow, sick, it’s startin to get Cold up Here in Canuckistan.

  4. You forget though, that Mittens Romney, Susan Collins, and a handful of others will almost always vote with the democrats.

  5. Won’t happen. Even if it somehow did, she’d be a democrat, caucuses with the democrats, like the fake independents Angus King and communist Bernie Sanders.
    Never trust a democrat. Even those who pretend to be moderate (there is no such thing as moderate democrat), or those who say they will leave the democrat party.


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