WILL MEDIA APOLOGIZE TO TRUMP? Mother of Crying Baby at Rally Speaks Out, Defends Trump

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Please share… From lady at Trump rally when baby began to cry…

From Devan Cierra Ebert to Donald J Trump…

Hello, this message is for Donald J. Trump.

I was the mother in his rally on Tuesday, August 2nd, in Ashburn, VA, with the baby who started to cry. I would just like him to know personally that I, by no means felt I was ever “kicked out” of his rally. I excused myself and my child when he awoke from his nap and began to cry. It was only because I had to grab my child’s belongings and then make my way out of the aisle I was seated in that I wasn’t out of there sooner.

I realize Mr. Trump doesn’t know me personally, but for those that do, know that I am the first one to excuse myself and my child when he begins to cry because I personally believe it’s rude to disturb anyone else’s ability to hear what they came to see. I’ve left movies, violin recitals, and other events if I felt my child was disturbing others. It is the considerate thing to do.

I stood right outside the doors of the auditorium continuing to watch and listen to what Mr. Trump had to say. In fact, the police that were right outside in the same hallway with me, treated me with so much respect it was incredible. They were so kind and made me feel welcomed to stand with them. One officer commended me on my bravery to bring my child to Mr. Trump’s rally.

I fully support Mr. Trump. I thought he responded very graciously to my child crying and he made a lighthearted moment out of what I usually consider to be stressful. I actually was out of the auditorium before he even made his follow up comment about my child and even then, when I was informed of his comment, I laughed. I understand he says things jokingly, and I understand no one wants to speak over or struggle to listen over a crying baby.

I am in no way offended and I again reiterate, Mr. Trump NEVER kicked me or my child out of the Briar Woods High School, Trump rally. And for the record, while my child and I stood outside of the auditorium, my eleven year old stepdaughter and my Grandmother sat inside the auditorium and continued to support and listen to everything Mr. Trump had to say. We all were so excited to be able to see Mr. Trump so close to home. I didn’t have a babysitter to watch my kids and honestly, to me it was a historical moment that I am happy that my kids were there for.

I apologize for the trouble this has caused Mr.Trump. The media has severely blown this out of proportion and made it out to be something that it wasn’t and is clearly using this as political gain for the Democratic party. I hope this message sheds light to what really happened.

Thank you for your time. Best of luck! You have our vote. Trump 2016

Ebert’s comments to the Washington Post are similar to the Facebook statement.

Dale’s account is confirmed by the mother herself — Virginia resident Devan Ebert. (She spoke on the condition that we not report her town.)

“The media did in fact blow this entire situation out of proportion,” she wrote in an email. “I’m not looking to make it into anything bigger. All I’m hoping is that Trump personally is aware that I am in agreement with him and stand by the fact that I was never kicked out of the rally.”


How about the sh!tstain “conservative” sites that breathlessly and gleefully reported and repeated the left-wing falsehood?

These are the sites that say every day that “Trump can’t win” because “those other people are going to report how bad he is.”

Ya, those “other people” are YOU, you turncoat a$$holes.

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  1. Who was it that said the other day, my that rug sure is getting lumpy from so much shit greeting swept under it.

    You can expect this lady’s letter to get waded up and tossed too. The left dominated media is 5 Trump distortions past this one already.

    And WTF are jerkoffs like The Sweaty Thumb, Will, Williamson, Kaminsky…going to say when the Scalia seat is filled with another Sotomayor and 2A is effectively abolished? Or when “special” exemptions are made to 1A?

    Is it going to do any good at all to say, see we told you? By 2020, Hillary will have so changed the demographics, it’s over, game, set, match. These fools that think all we need to do is hunker down, grid lock the government and Uncle Ted(or whomever) will ride to the rescue are out of their GD fucking minds.

  2. I’m more interested in whether the useful idiots within the conservative blogosphere will post her letter. After all, they landed on this story like vultures on a rotting corpse. Will they take the time to acknowledge what this woman said?

    Okay, yeah. I know they won’t. They tend to ignore the stories that don’t help them advance their narrative that the “cheeto-faced toupeed totalitarian” is “just as bad as Hillary.”

  3. CNN today discussed and decided that though the mother said it was a joke they didn’t think it was funny and they believe he was serious and rude. So no apology or admitting they were wrong will be forthcoming.

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