Will Progressives Care That a Canadian Dreamer is Facing Deportation?


It’s hard to check out the mainstream media without finding a sob story about a family being ripped about because of President Trump’s “cruel” enforcement of our existing immigration laws. These stories usually leave out the part about how the illegal alien being deported has felony convictions, but that’s how they tug at the heartstrings of liberals. Liberals are enraged by these stories that never seemed to run when Obama was president and always feature “immigrants” from Latin America. I wonder if they will be similarly angry about this white Canadian who may face deportation.

Here is a hardworking immigrant trying to make a better life for himself who is only charged with misdemeanors, not felonies, facing possible deportation. If he was Mexican and accused of shooting a woman to death, liberals would be up in arms over this. Where is the outcry over this white immigrant who, as Nancy Pelosi stated, makes “America more American?”

Unfortunately for Greenwood, the liberals will not be rushing to his defense because he is white and from a country that doesn’t smell like an open sewer. If he were gay or transgender, than maybe the Outrage Brigade would come to his rescue, but a straight white guy from Canada? Not a chance.


5 Comments on Will Progressives Care That a Canadian Dreamer is Facing Deportation?

  1. A college student of color claims this invader was in the general vicinity when someone used the N-word. Good™ people know that being many times worse than killing a white woman is settled science. Because Trump is literally Hitler there’s no way he’ll be punished enough for crimethought. Better to rendition him to somewhere that knows how to disappear people for hatespeech.

  2. After reading the article, I say let him stay and kick the person of color to the curb.
    Plus, he’s sorta dreamy, and who wants to reside in Hoserland?

  3. I’m so tired of hearing the left saying that ‘we’ are trying to throw people out who are doing ‘the work Americans won’t do’.

    Bull💩 what about the huge numbers of homeless, marginalized out of work by cheap ILLEGAL labor? Vets who can’t get work.

    And don’t tell me they ‘wont’ clean toilets or make beds or wipe leftist butts. The dignity the left has taken from the homeless, by denying them LEGAL labor at LEGAL pay, has filled our cities with our country’s own third world refugees, brought to us, only by the policies of progressives and their bootlicking, gutless GOP.


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