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Will “Project Maven” be scrapped?

The United States military sought private sector assistance to analyze drone images and determine targets. Called “Project Maven” for $70 million, the pentagon signed an 18-month contract with Google. The tech giant is to receive an estimated nearly $10 million, for use of the firm’s artificial intelligence capability.

The agreement was opposed internally by some Google employees with 4,600 signing a petition to end the contract and about 13 leaving in protest. Yesterday, Google announced that it will not seek renewal of the project maven work when it expires next March and that the firm is developing a “set of ethical guidelines” for any future military contract work. More

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  1. I’d rather not google have anything to do with the military projects anyway. Don’t they have anyone they can trust better than google? Like, oh I don’t know, NoKo?

  2. Traitorous Google shouldn’t be near anything to do with national security. Don’t be Google.

  3. Google licks China’s feet. I wouldn’t trust them with any security-related work. If push comes to shove they will bow to any pressure from China


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