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Will The AMISH PAC Swing Pennsylvania & Ohio For Trump?

American Out Loud: All across America there’s a contagious spirit unleashed and growing at Trump rallies, the sounds of roaring crowds shouting “four more years”, echo throughout airport hangars, as larger than rock concerts, amass Americans’ of every ethnic background standing in support of the people’s President, despite what the “fake news media” would have you believe.

The once forgotten Americans are seen waving Trump flags within city street corners and communities and Truck drivers en route from one end of America to another have noticed the power of the Trump phenomenon; there is no way in hell the demon-rat opponent, and criminal, Joe Biden, could even conjure up a handful of supporters at his wanna be rallies.

Social media’s Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc are deeply involved in this obtuse agenda of usurping the voices of Americans despite the strong and undisputed evidence of massing Trump supporters of every age, race and profession.

Let’s add some Amish trailblazing, horse and buggies to the list of supporters and parades taking place in America, especially in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Ohio. more here

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  1. I drove through a chunk of Wayne/Holmes counties Ohio, Amish Central, on Friday. There is nothing but wall to wall Trump displays everywhere we went. They almost always go deep Red. If they don’t like the Rep candidate, they don’t vote for him (read: McCain, Romney). Farm Ohio is going all out Trump in 2020.

    The only way to beat the megalopolis libtard vote is to get EVERY America-loving rural voter to the polls November 3. Barring outrageous ballot stuffing in the cities, overwhelming farm voting cannot be beat.

  2. I wish I would have photographed the Trump support in rural Ohio. There were pieces of farm machinery parked in fields near highways sporting TRUMP 2020 flags. Pickup trucks flying US and Trump flags. Semi-tractor trailer operators carrying TRUMP flags. Yard after yard after yard bristling with TRUMP signs.

    And nothing BIDEN. Not until we got in toward areas with Section 8 housing did we start to see Biden signs.

    Alas, I saw no Amish or Mennonite buggies with Trump paraphernalia attached.

  3. I hear ya Flip! My wife and I spent about 6 hours driving thu the same area on Friday as well and saw the same thing! It was a gorgeous day to get some great photography (especially on the rural routes) good food, watched the Amish kids out playing baseball and working the farms and saw lots of Trump signs! Farmers, Amish or otherwise are an independent group of small businessmen with no need to be dependent on democRATz for anything!

  4. There are so few Biden signs in my neck of the woods that I’m able to remember where I did see them and now know where stupid people live.

  5. Holmes county Ohio is one of my family’s favorite places to visit. Forgot about the government harassment under Obama/Biden but I’m sure they haven’t!

  6. The most impressive thing I noticed locally, is I have seen Trump/Pence signs in front of everything from Multi-million dollar mansions to single-wide mobile homes, and everything in between. Even in front of marijuana farms. It’s amazing how President Trump has such broad appeal.

  7. Pedo just handed the election gift wrapped to PDJT at the last debate, he has always been a stupid man and his comment to end fossil fuels clinches it for PDJT in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin.

    Pedo killed the Demonrats with his stupidity just like we knew he would inevitably do.

  8. My brother was adopted into a Mennonite family when we were kids.

    His son told me that Mennonites and the Amish were voting for trump this year to correct the vote they cast for Wolf in 2018 (They swung the vote against the then governor because of declining farm subsidies). They are a very powerful voting block that only issue vote.

    Fear the buggy and the bonnet.


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