Will the Bernie Bros Burn Down the Democrat Party?

The Left is starting to take notice of their behavior.

American Thinker: A specter is haunting the Democratic Party: the specter of Bernie Bros.

What is a Bernie Bro, exactly?  Where along the cline of various political creatures does one fall?

The Bernie Bro’s natural habitat is the internet.  In the wild — meaning on Twitter, or poking around in the depraved brush of Reddit — the stalwart of the socialist septuagenarian truffles for unconverted Democrats to their cause.  Spotting a Sanders skeptic, or Joe Biden–supporter, they descend with ravening ferocity, unleashing broadsides that recall Maoist struggle sessions.

Mainstream journalists, despite their friendliness with the Democratic Party, have found themselves on the receiving end of this collective vituperation.  They’ve used the occasion to warn off Democratic voters as to the danger of nominating a presidential candidate like Sanders, who inspires such mercurial partisans.

Bret Stephens of the New York Times, describes Bernie’s cohort of angry young men as fanatics who see “more moderate Democrats not as kindred spirits or potential converts but as sellouts, even traitors — the proverbial enemy within.”  NBC host Chuck Todd called Bernie’s informal online defenders a “digital brown shirt brigade.”  Hillary Clinton roused herself from a chardonnay-induced stupor in Chappaqua to whinge about “online Bernie Bros and their relentless attacks on lots of his competitors, particularly the women.”  Even R&B crooner John Legend bleated, “Bernie supporters do quite the disservice to your candidate,” further beseeching them to “not to drive people away with your nastiness.” read more

12 Comments on Will the Bernie Bros Burn Down the Democrat Party?

  1. He’s off to a great start, and the democrats didn’t see it coming. But they have under the table ways to take him out.

  2. What is a Bernie Bro, exactly?

    I’ll take what would you call a person who defines unfair as them not getting their way 100% of the time for a thousand Alex

  3. Bernie hasn’t said squat about it either. Even if it wanted to, what would it do except cause the monsters to retaliate against him.

  4. If they don’t, Ima gonna start randomly punching the little faggots in the face when I run across them. They promised.

  5. …the enemy of my enemy is…well, still my enemy, but I WILL appreciate the comedy relief of watching Bernbots and Hilltards slap fight each other to death…

  6. Let’s all pray that g soreass pays for hundreds of bussed in antifa-gs and pays for their lodging and gives them a dailly allowance for meth/crack/heroin/meth again and alcohol, little debbies honey buns and they get all sugary wired up and cause so much extensive damage it bankrupt’s the dnc again and the bail bonds go unpaid so these shiite heads get to stay in county lockup for months, backing up the sewage systems for all of downtown Milwaukee and it starts to stink up even worse than normal, the little snowflake cries of help over shadowed by their auctions off to the lifers that stay there for butt dibs for first of the night party favors, maybe then they will realize socialism for the lower masses ain’t what uncle bernie says it is as he flies off to his new oceanside vacation home, courtesy of little mikie.

  7. y’all gotta realize that Bloomberg is buying up all the ‘talking heads’ … just notice all the defense of mini Mike on the cable news show … they’re everywhere

    the Bernie Hos gonna get hosed once again …. it’s gonna be epic to watch the destruction of the d’rats when they eat themselves in Milwaukee


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