Will the Media Demand Judge Curiel Denounce the Group He Belongs To ?

Turns out the founder of one of the major groups Judge Curiel belongs to had called for Mexico to take over California and deport all the white people back to Europe.

Will the media demand that Curiel condemn and denounce and distance himself from the group, The California La Raza Association, as well as denouncing its deceased founder, Mario Obledo?

Breitbart has the story


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  1. The only way Curiel belongs in a courtroom is as a defendant for treason / sedition (a US government law enforcement official blatantly inciting the overthrow of the rare part of the US government(state sovereignty) that is still legitimate). And since he loves Mexico and its citizens that criminally invade America so much, deport his sorry ass to Mexico – he can be happy there supporting “the race”.

  2. I intimately know the town where the judge grew up and the HS from which he graduated. The town is pretty infamous for the number of Democratic mayors who graduated from prison. East Chicago pols took lessons from Shitago pols and in some situations outdid the Shitago pols.

  3. so he should be disbarred along with KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE the fox news anchor that is a member of the same organization. OOPS, so is pro- Trump. well dat is weird!!

  4. and in case you think I made that up, here is part of a conversation between her and Gutfeld on Fox:

    GUILFOYLE: Here’s what I’d say they should do. So get involved with some of the groups, like I was with La Raza legal association. There’s a lot of mentoring groups that help people get connected with internships and things like that. That is very important, because you want to kind of have some experience to be able to get a job going forward.

    GUTFELD: Did you say La Raza?

    BOLLING: Yes, La Raza?

    GUTFELD: Did you say La Raza? L-A — I mean, R-A-Z-A?

    GUILFOYLE: Yes. That’s what the legal…

    GUTFELD: But aren’t they hardcore left-wing?

    GUILFOYLE: But there are also different law-school groups that actually help minorities in law schools to get ahead

  5. @ dapenguin – Kimberly Guilfoyle isn’t a judge and thus has no power to make biased decisions on law against anyone one way or the other. That being said, if she is a member of the same organization, I think she should be disbarred if for no other reason than poor judgment (being a member of a group based solely on race) and the fact that any organization supporting La Raza (the race) in any way is against the very principles America was founded on and what our “justice system” was intended to be about .

    I’m barely even a lukewarm Trump supporter so it’s not like I defend Trump regardless of facts. Justice is supposed to be blind to things like race / skin color – it is supposed to be based solely on the facts of a given case. Supporters of race based groups (openly as in this case or hidden) simply shouldn’t be allowed to hold legal judgment on other Americans because they have an already admitted bias against others in favor of “the race” they have openly supported. This judge should not only be disbarred, he should have his citizenship revoked and be deported for abusing his authority.

    If the judge was truly honest and righteous, he would recuse himself based on the potential appearance of conflicts of interest (which has been a long held legal principle until the judiciary became part of the political machinery as it is these days). This case is a perfect illustration of why many people have no trust in our supposed “justice system” or any other part of our government. Even judges with proven, tangible conflicts of interests are allowed to pollute the system with impunity because we are no longer allowed to call a spade a spade without the approval of our “betters” in the media and government.

  6. Turn CA into a Hispanic State?

    Hispanic = Of Spain
    Spain is in Europe
    Spaniards are white
    Spanish is a European language

  7. I get the feeling that Curiel could say, “ya, I’m for sedition, what of it Gringo?” and DaPenguin will apologize for him somehow.

    At this point, oddly, I think DaPenguin would be asking for a Judge Trump to be recused from any case involving Curiel.


  8. Trump got quiet on this; perhaps his lawyers told him that Curiel is just setting up a foundation for an appeal and reversal if needed.

  9. TDS at this stage of the game is proof positive there are liberals playing on the conservative team.

  10. Sig94, you are close.
    I suspect his lawyers informed him of how he is hurting his chances of success on appeal.
    Our system has the appeal process for this reason. Trump has to work with the system. That means losing in this court and appealing.
    This character assassination bit is good for his ego, but bad for everything else.
    Also, are you all in favor of disbarring every judge that belongs to a racist organization?
    If you take both the liberal and conservative definitions of a racist group together, you are talking about disbarring over 80% of judges.
    The liberal kooks that are demanding that judges lose freedom of opinion and association are the most anti-American group out there.
    If a judge is found to be making biased decisions on the bench rather than applying the law; toss the scumbag out.
    His membership in the Boy Scouts, or any other group people find offensive is not relevant.

  11. only trouble with losing and appealing is the image and timing. you can will and still lose.

    the msm will blast the loss all over the airwaves.

    the appeal if successful will take time and the result if successful will never be mentioned by the msm.

    that’s how they roll.

  12. Judge in group in favor of sedition, open borders , amnesty for Mexicans etc.
    He presides over case where the plaintiff is running for office promising to shut down the border and deport Mexicans.

    People with their own bias against Trump don’t see a problem with the judge.

    Laughable, at best.
    Judges have recused themselves from cases for far less.

  13. Also, I am disappointed that all the Curiel defenders avoided the question this post asks. It shows a lack of integrity and shows that you’re now stuck in a corner.



    I’m asking if it should be demanded of Curiel that he denounce the group he is a member of because its founder established the group as one that is for sedition, and deportation of whites back to Europe.

    Try answering the questions asked.

  15. John S,

    Does the NAACP call for the creation of a new country craved out of states from the United States and expelling all persons not black? If so then yes- anyone who has ties to the NAACP is not fit to be in any Federally appointed post.

    Keep it apples to apples please.

  16. Curiel needs to denounce the group especially if he sees Trumps face in the tile. That means he has a psychological need to walk on Trump.

    Seriously, if Curiel has any self respect and desires, in the future, to be taken seriously, he does need to recuse himself.

    Unfortunately if Hills get in, Curiel is going to be SCOTUS.

  17. It’s been said before and in clearer terms. This is such an easy conclusion to reach, it’s as plain as the nose on T.R.’s Mt. Rushmore face! Those who say that judge Cruiel’s biases are immaterial to this case are saying that because they don’t like Trump and will say anything to justify their animus for him. Just be a stand up guy and say that. Stop with the sophistry. We all get it, anyway. It’s not like you were ever secretive about your dislike. Why make your own soul a little sadder by trying to justify your viewpoint with obviously ridiculous arguments?

  18. The comical part is that while they are denying Curiel could have bias they aren’t admitting that their own bias against Trump is shaping their opinion.

    The hunchback can’t see his own hump.

  19. Some people on this site have been Trumped! Donald says things on purpose. He’ll let us in on the purpose when He’s achieved it. (NO, he’s not an elected official, yet, so he’s still allowed to do this).
    These people should not try to apply logic when what they have isn’t logical.
    Having double standards doesn’t mean your points are twice as good.


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