Will The Old Hag Cat Lady Correct Obama Letters?

Remember when we covered the school teacher who corrected Trump’s letter as if the president was a dunce, and she gave it a “D”?

She’s the one who complained about the president’s grammar while writing “y’all” and “omg” in the corrections.

You remember, she looks like Hillary’s uglier and fatter sister  —–>

Turns out she should get a “D.”

The NY Times finally weighed in and corrected the corrector. Capitalizing references and synonyms for our country is part of the white house’s style sheet.

Where was she when the Obama letters were posted online?



10 Comments on Will The Old Hag Cat Lady Correct Obama Letters?

  1. In last paragraph, don’t believe “president” should be capitalized in that context, y’all.

  2. I wonder what percentage of her students graduated with the ability to write grammatically correct sentences.
    Not many, judging by the evidence seen everywhere on a daily basis

  3. That looks like an old, fat, decrepit version of the porno dominatrix “Mistress T”.

    Um, not that I would know. Asking for a friend. Hey, where’s that Edit button?

  4. I’ve noticed the MSM have quietly changed their style guide immediately after PDT’s surprise election win.

    Suddenly President is increasingly not capitalized. Neither are Senator or other elected titles if the elected official is a Republican. And the POTUS is now just “Trump”.

    When the featured official is a Democrat, all the respectful red carpet pomp and circumstance is suddenly rolled out, replete with Capitalized Titles and Complete Proper Names each and every time, and the Full Impressive Title worked into every paragraph.

    The MSM is self destructing as fast as it can. Midterm results will accelerate the cray-cray.

  5. She looks like the stereotypical liberal skank cat lady like we have in our state govt. here in Orygone!


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