Will the REAL Paddock please STAND UP?!?!!?

The Internet Sleuths are hard at work. I’m not on board with all the conspiracy stuff but…

One thing I think we can all agree – this shooting and the shooter background is just not adding up.


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  1. I can’t get your video to play. What does not add up is the weapons listed and the yardage. Among other things. Dan Bilzerian was there and no matter how you feel about the ass hole he does know his weapons. He insists the weapon he heard was a Belt Fed Heavy Gun. Not a 7.62 by 39. Balistacally equivalent to a 30-30. Las Vegas PD is quoting yardage at a minimum of 500 meters. That flat line trajectory. I just saw their diagram. No Way.

  2. I know BOO about guns or hunting, but doesnt it have to be a hell of a gun to have deadly impact at that range?

  3. How did that guy, I don’t want to say old guy, get all those weapons and 500 pounds of blamunition up to the suite un noticed?

  4. The profile does not match the incident. This was clearly, elaborately planned attack – not a gone postal nutcase. The guy had explosive material along with the military grade guns.
    Something stinks – big time!

  5. Did you see muzzle flashes in any of the shooter videos?
    And I’m wondering about a 64 year old flabby man’s stamina in using this weapon.

  6. Heard several minutes of video. Much of the automatic weapons fire sounded VERY similar to the M60E6 firing a 7.62 x 51 cartridge (similar to a .308).

  7. Charlie – This video will give you an idea how lethal even a .22 LR (Long Rifle) bullet can be a 300 yards. The guy is shooting a roast about 4 inches thick. The velocity of the bullet he is shooting is supposedly about 1435 fps (feet per second) at the muzzle (based on a 24 inch test barrel which is the standard for velocity testing for .22LR manufacturers), but he is shooting out of a 20 inch barrel so it is probably about 75 fps less at the muzzle. The guy shooting calculated the velocity at 300 yards to be 835 fps, but I would guess less than that even.


    Skip to the 6 minute mark to get to the results. Some of the rounds went all the way through and the wounds to the roast appear to me that they could easily be fatal to a human. so it really doesn’t take a real powerful round to kill people, even at relatively long distances.

    And I’m with you Mr. P – he had some experienced help or training somewhere in this deal.

  8. @Bad_Brad – can the shooter shoot two rifles (short bursts in another hand while blasting away with your dominate hand) at the same time? Or too hard to manage?

  9. I’m with HungJumper, to me it sounded like a SAW or a MK46 and at least 200 round cycles.

    We used to carry MK46’s with 200 round box mags, and we had USMC demonstrations of SAWs (from a SMART Team) with similar makeup in a security school I attended.

  10. Mr. Pinko,
    The entire gun community is thinking, I heard two guns. There’s a couple audios that are damn clear. Could it be an echo off a building? Maybe. Doubtful. Way to many things that just don’t seem right.

    Notice how fast the swat team started taking off their body armor? Weird.

  11. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Don’t these hotel casinos have cameras everywhere? Where’s the footage?

  12. Supposedly the police identified at least 2 weapons in the motel room as a 5.56 and a .308, both AR type rifles. Of course they didn’t verify that was what he was shooting that I could find though. One cop at a press conference a few hours ago also mentioned a “bump fire” stock on at least one weapon that would effectively make it operate as a full auto until it got hot enough to seize up. I’m like everyone else though in that I have no way to verify anything.

  13. What about witnesses in the hotel? I read one guy describing how SWAT team woke him up and told him to get some clothes on and get out. He was 4 doors away, Vegas hotels are pretty well built but if you are 4 doors from that kind of action you are not sleeping through it. And same is true for the 4th or 5th floor, somebody had to hear something.

  14. Lots of stuff that floats around after something like this. My alarm is going off because of the ballistics and the expertise required to run a full auto gun and put your fire where you want it. That requires some training. Especially at that range. All good conservatives died here. We really need to get the truth out some how.

  15. I’m not sweating the muzzle flash to much. If the guy was a Pro he was back in the room so you wouldn’t see much of it. But then again that points to a Pro.

  16. Well, like the video you linked, the elevation from the 32nd floor would have required the shooter to be close to the window. The one video should have shown muzzle flash.

  17. The deformation created by a shell strike to the ground properly analyzed will tell exactly which floor the shots came from.

  18. Isn’t there some type of trigger that shoots twice with one trigger pull.
    Heard something about that awhile ago.

  19. You people are crazy. First of all, the FBI told us 12 hours after the shooting that he was a lone wolf. Too bad they can’t clear up that trump investigation after 9 months but whatever.

    Second, you can clearly see muzzle flashes in 2 separate videos. Sure, they show muzzle flashes from the 4th floor and not the 32nd but math is hard so ignore that.

    Also ignore the guest staying in the room next door who saw multiple gunmen.

    The point is, we’ll never know. A great big casino like that couldn’t afford security cameras everywhere so shut the hell up and swallow the official story

    Man you people are paranoid.

  20. Reported on the radio in the way in to work: cleaning people who had been in and out of the rooms for days didn’t see any guns. Not a thing out of line.

    Move along. Nothing here.

  21. I’m inclined to go with Occam’s razor:

    Occam’s razor is a logical principle attributed to the mediaeval philosopher William of Occam (or Ockham). The principle states that one should not make more assumptions than the minimum needed. This principle is often called the principle of parsimony. It underlies all scientific modelling and theory building.

    Simply put: If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

    Whatever or whoever Paddock was a week or two weeks ago, the fact remains he targeted a very large group of people who, demographically speaking, were likely Trump supporters. There is another very large open air venue that wasn’t targeted in this way, Burning Man, also held in Nevada. Someone doing that much planning to kill a lot of people could have easily erected a piece of “art” — a platform similar to the shooter’s nest at Mandalay Bay; naturally, not as high, but high enough. I think he specifically chose this crowd of people.

    We’re not the only ones who think there’s something weird going on with what local authorities are willing to discuss. Already they are tamping down expectations of (controlling) how much information they will be releasing to the public.

    An “ordinary guy” doesn’t just get it into his head one day to stockpile weapons and ammo, plot out the best vantage point, choose the largest group of victims he can find and then carry out his mission with the precision of a professional and then kill himself unless he believes that what he is doing is for the betterment of something bigger than himself.

    Being somewhat sarcastic, but if we hear about a special government commission to investigate this and publish their findings, I guess we all know he wasn’t acting alone.

  22. Question: Why would someone who expects to have to commit suicide go to the trouble of placing cameras so that he could see when and where the police show up? I would think that Paddock, the cool killing machine guy, would have known there would be police at some point. Wouldn’t he just get as many rounds off and not waste time looking at his ‘security’ cameras? This is one of the oddest things about all this. Will the images on his cameras be seen by the public?

  23. Just for the record, a rifle round can cause even more damage as it slows over distance. High velosity rounds can pass right through at high speed , where as when they slow over a distance the slower speed allows them to distort on impact and cause massive damage.

  24. I own bump fire attachments for my ars and aks they are a novelty you are not accurate at 25 yards with a 100 yd moa gun I cannot see a bump fire stock allowing you to even be close at 500.

  25. @organgrinder: High-velocity is part of the equation, since a slower round tends to expend more of its energy within the target, thus causing more damage. The metal jacketing on a military-type rifle round tends to keep the bullet from deforming, though, allowing it to pass through the target and causing more wounds than deaths. This is not without design. A wounded soldier takes on average 2 or 3 other soldiers out of the action to tend to him, but a dead one requires no help at all.

  26. Something I haven’t seen addressed anywhere – All the videos and photos of the area of Mandalay Bay invovled show 2 (TWO) blown-out windows, spaced quite a distance apart on the 32nd floor. Can’t possibly be the same room. I’ve been to Vegas, stayed at the Bellagio and visited MGM, New York New York and the Bay, among other hotels, and this makes no sense. If this guy was shooting from both windows, how did he manage to get back and forth between them, particularly if the firing was almost constant? Something doesn’t add up here.

  27. Jimbo, he had staked out two connecting suites. How he was to get back and forth efficiently with all the artifacts of using that kind of firepower (smoke, debris) while firing effectively is a question that the feebs can answer pronto. I kid.

  28. Accuracy was not an issue: even at 300 yards, his target was 22,000 people in an area of several acres. He was just raining lead down on a large, densely populated area.

    Why would he worry about muzzle-flash, when obviously he was shooting from the only open windows on the building (after he broke them).

    Also, the audio I heard sounded like way more that 30 or so rounds firing continuously, I was thinking belt-fed or at least a drum magazine.

  29. I need to thank all you friends for the info you’ve posted. I dont feel like such a dummass now. The 22LR video shooting up a perfectly good roast was informative, (I wish they would have used a large tomcat) a waste of a perfectly good roast.

  30. One more thing, even with flash suppression the room where he was firing would be back lit like somebody was running an arc welder.

  31. RosalindJ – Good point on the adjoining suites, but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for the Federales to figure out what happened. A couple of photos have leaked out showing the room after the police broke in. Weapons, shell casings and crap all over the place, plus one shot of the perp’s lower legs with an AR on top of them. There’s STILL something rotten in the state of Nevada.

  32. Anyone wondering about echoes. Yes, it does echo. High buildings, pretty flat grounds around there. When there are fireworks or demolitions going, you can hear it loud and it’s everywhere… everywhere… everywhere…
    LOL. Seriously. You can. Remember also, Mandalay bay is about the gaudiest building in Las Vegas behind the RIO. It is covered in tacky ass yellow-gold covering and it reflects everything. That’s the point. Loud and flashy, because VEGAS, BABY! The building reflects headlights, street lights, police car lights, the huge pool of water and whatever at night.

    I’m already bored with all the JFK / Dealey plaza-esque shit. It’s fine we get tourists, but now we’re gonna get assholes coming to ‘rent THAT room’. Well, those rooms (like OJ’s room) are going to be sealed off and never used again, just so you know.

  33. OK when I say the building is bright, I mean while the sun is shining, it can probably blind pilots. The airport is right behind Luxor and Mandalay,etc.

  34. One last thing. Vegas PD are normally not leakers and talkers.
    It’s how they roll. It’s not conspiracy, they’re just naturally tight-lipped. Some think it’s good, some don’t. They don’t say anything so that it can be used against them in court later if they’re incorrect. That’s how it is nowadays. Everybody’s lawsuit happy.

  35. As soon as videos started coming out, I had three different experienced gun people tell me it sounded like belt fed and gatling.

    Heck if I know, I never shot either.

  36. I think the oddest part of this is that this is not a spontaneous shooting.
    It was planned, meticulously, yet they want to paint the incident as a guy who snapped.

    But I am not on board with the 4th floor shooter theory.

    Obviously it never happened.
    Those windows don’t open, and they aren’t broken. So, unless the shooter used magic bullets, whatever was flashing was not muzzle fire.

    Elementary Watson.

  37. Here’s my problem with conspiracy theories.

    All they want to do is try and find weirdness and inconsistencies for the sake of finding them, but they never tell me why these findings should compel me to start digging a bunker under my house.

    “It was TWO GUYS not one.”

    Okay… and???

    Don’t get me wrong, it would be nice to know who did it and why. But I just don’t get how the revelation that it was 2 guys not one = ILLUMINATI!!!!!!!!

    Maybe it was two guys and the other guy got away and is in hiding. How does that mean SHADOW GOVERNMENT LEADING TO MARXISM!!!!??

    How does it help the government, if this is false flag, take our guns away to have all this possible subtext for armchair detectives to run down?
    Why would the government (if the plan is to take our guns away) convolute the narrative with a second shooter, who “gets away”, that we shouldn’t know about?
    Why not put two guys up on the 32nd floor shooting 39 people to death?

  38. I’m thinking it could be reflections of the shooting. If it is, where did the original shots come from? The 32nd floor? I don’t know. I’ve got myself a brand new tin foil hat just in case I need it.

  39. Conversation I had today was someone thinking maybe they’re not telling it all because it will freak people out if an old white guy living in a retirement community can get radicalized.
    Another person said it’s the Clintons, they’re pure evil, so a lot of coverup is going to be involved to where you can’t make sense of it. Maybe the guy was the fall guy and the others got out in time, why the need for cameras.

    I think the biggest problem is many in the country distrust the government, especially the FBI and ATF. With all the holes in addition to the mistrust people start filling the holes.

    Maybe they’re telling the truth as they know it right now, but being secretive about the guns, changing stories on the girlfriend, all electronics and guns in the hands of FBI and ATF and the immediate calls for banning guns has people questioning everything.

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