Will Walmart Survive?

July 1962-

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  1. I saw the sidebar story and thought of how fragile & depressed kids are in today’s world. All we had to worry about were nukes 90 miles off the coast.

  2. I’m old enough to remember shopping at Woolco as well as Wannamaker’s. We had a small Wannamaker’s just up the street from us in a small shopping center in the mid 60’s. We even had a SS Kresge’s store in downtown Spokane which was the predecessor of K Mart back then. As well as a Monkey Wards.

  3. I thought it was

    “a country boy will survive”

    i’ll have to listen to that tune again, I have been singing it wrong

  4. My wife and I bought a General Electric kitchen range in 1984 from Montgomery Wards that lasted for 30 years until finally giving up the ghost in 2014 when it was replaced by a Kenmore range from Sears which has also gone belly up.

  5. Crackerbaby,
    You were 12.
    Even with Birthday and Christmas money you couldn’t have bought much.
    (I bought Gold at $280/oz – but could only afford 2 ounces)

    If you get that time machine worked out, I got a few bucks to invest, too.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Montgomery Wards. I always picture some old coot hitching up his drawers and telling his wife and dog: “Wey-elllll, I guess I’ll be goin’ down ta the Monkey Wards ta buy me a new wrench ta fix the terlet with”.

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