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Will we be as vindictive? No Ivermectin for Anyone That Derided it as Horse Dewormer?

The evidence is mounting up.

The cheap and widely available Ivermectin has dozens and dozens of case studies from around the world, and guess what? IT WORKS.

So, no Ivermectin for people who took the jab, finding out it doesn’t work as advertised?

Ivermectin works as UNadvertised. Ha.

According to knobheads, who cup their farts and sniff, while simply trusting big pharma and big government, people who use Ivermectin are the stupid ones.

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  1. There are a couple more good resource articles, both from the American Journal of Therapeutics and posted at NIH’s National Library of Medicine PubMed Central (PMC) website. I’ll post them separately so my comment(s) won’t disappear into the trash bin for the sin of including too many links.

  2. I sent this to friends on Feb 4 of this year after talking to a friend in central WA who said that ranch moms and grandmothers had been dosing any relative who showed symptoms with Ivermectin, or who they even thought might have showed any symptoms. I suspect there was a fair amount added to granny’s rhumatiz medicine in lieu of fruit juice. Ivermectin has been the go to universal cure because it flat out works most of the time.

    Ivermectin has been around for a long time, it is a veterinary injectable. People have been using it in rural areas ORALLY for decades and decades.

    Ivermectin dosing info:
    Prophylactic: 1.25 ccs of the 1% livestock injectable form taken ORALLY (put it in some juice and wolf it – it’s very bitter) every 3 months for prophylaxis. 1.25 cc is for an average sized male (180 pounds +/-).

    If a person is feeling sick, take the dose outlined above and then repeat 72 hours later. That’s it.

    The paste form for horses can also be used. One tube of horse paste is one dose for a 1250 pound horse, so one dose for an average man is 1/6 of a tube.

    Ivermectin is one of the safest and most frequently dosed drugs in the world. Don’t agonize over the dose. Just get close. Horseshoes and hand grenades. The only counter-indication I’ve seen for it is anyone who has had an organ transplant and is on anti-rejection meds. Otherwise, ivermectin is as safe or safer than aspirin.

    Ivermectin is off-patent and therefore comes under many brands. It’s all the same. It is available at any farm supply store, and no, you don’t need a prescription. You just buy it. If you buy the injectable form, you will also need a syringe and needle to draw it out of the bottle and then squirt into your glass of fruit juice. You can buy those at the farm supply store too.

    1 cubic centimeter (cc) = 1 milliliter (mL)

  3. I have 100 18mg tablets coming from India. Hopefully they get here without idiots who think they know better intercepting them like a know it all pharmacist who won’t fill a doctor prescription.

  4. Jdh you are 100 percent correct EXCEPT if you buy the injectable you need to buy a $3.00 pack of diabetic syringes to get it out of the bottle but it doesn’t taste that bad. JuSt squirt it in your mouth

  5. Also, it works for more than just the coof. My oldest son came home feeling like shit and he started going downhill real fast, showing flu like symptoms and the school said he needed a coof test as he was checking several boxes for the coof.

    Out of an abundance of caution I figured, eh, what the fuck. I’ll take a dose of the ivermectin. 2 days later my youngest and my wife got the same sickness. I was surrounded with sick people.

    Turns out it wasn’t the coof thank goodness, but I ended up being the only one not sick and the only one that took ivermectin. Coincidence, perhaps. But I did sleep in the same bed with my wife who didn’t move out of that bed for 3 days. She had it pretty bad. My opinion the ivermectin had something to do with it.

  6. I’m up to a 10 year supply for my wife and me. Sorry I’m not sorry for hoarding. It’s actually a fairly new drug, I think from the 80’s. I’ve been using it alternately with safeguard on the dogs and farm animals for years.

  7. I’m taking the ‘apple flavored’ paste. My ass, it’s vaseline flavored. Next dose will be spread on a cracker. The only side effect so far has been a shocking increase in size of my ‘endowment’. It is horse medicine dont’cha know.
    (Not really – but it’s fun to spread bullshit to the inlaws!)

  8. It’s all a money and power game here.
    Over 20 countries have consistently been providing their citizens with Ivermectin and azythromicin in a home care package. There just aren’t enough hospitals to treat the sick. These packs are free to all who need it. The US should be leading the charge but has politicized it.

  9. woody
    SEPTEMBER 25, 2021 AT 1:43 PM
    “The US should be leading the charge but has politicized it.”

    It’s not even political any more.

    They just want us dead.


  10. Just bought 6 tubes a few days ago – – apple flavor.
    By the way, my farts are so smelly I don’t have to cup them.

  11. Meanwhile Gilead’s Remdeservir or what nurses call ‘death is near’ has done their own study that shows taking it prevents hospitalization and thus they want to compete with monoclonal antibody treatments. Ironically they even admit there is no benefit to those symptomatic for more than 7 days in the hospital but I’m sure they won’t be changing that treatment just expanding their kidney shutdown drug to more people.

  12. To the question on if we would be more vindictive. I’m done playing nice. I see no problem with making idiots who mocked us, grovel hardcore before I would give them the drug.

  13. My mother died of the prescribed treatment for COVID 19 on Tuesday. They would only give her Remdesivir and steroids. They refused to prescribe Ivermectin, telling us that it inconclusive that it would help. I knew that it wouldn’t hurt and if they would have given it to her when she arrived, she would probably have lived. Unfortunately, their only path was Remdesivir and a ventilator. I feel that my mother was murdered and for this I will never forgive the CDC, Anthony Fauci, and her cowardly doctors.

  14. Shall we get vaccinated?
    Neigh I say neigh..
    Shall we fear covid and the desolation it brings?
    Neigh I say and again I say neigh..
    Thou shalt not impune the most sacred rite of the church of the blessed horse wormer.

  15. Unbelievable as to how many people are fighting against Ivermectin and our poorly educated politicians who are trying to stop its use. We need to keep in mind who has blindly been killing people, or maybe deliberately.

  16. It is murder.
    What happened to the “right to try”?
    It’s not even an experimental medicine.
    It’s simply a medicine that is used for something else, but studies have shown it somehow stops the replication of the virus.
    What is the problem with giving it?
    It doesn’t interfere with their failing protocol. It’s like refusing people who believe blueberries would cure them.

  17. Reprinting a portion of what I posted a day or two ago, from a doctor friend who has been prescribing Ivermectin for her covid patients. Of course if you get covid you should see a doctor, but here is what she prescribed for a patient who had significant symptoms:

    This patient got 36 mg of IVM twice a day PLUS HCQ PLUS ZPACK PLUS VIT C D and ZINC and SHE LIVED.

    Early treatment is crucial!

  18. Unbelievable that conservatives choose death over thevvaccination that is shown to reduce illness and hospitalizations

  19. I find it off-putting that anyone would DELIGHT in reporting that something doesn’t save lives.

    For that, I say, fuck off. There is something really, really wrong with you.
    Do you understand?
    Can you understand what I am saying?
    Take your vax.
    You are now safe, because the vax works.
    Wear your mask, because masks work.
    Socially distance, because that works.
    I am thrilled that that stuff works.

    Now, since all that stuff works, SHUT THE FUCK UP about what someone else chooses to do with their life.
    Get it?
    Do you?

    The “neigh neigh” comment makes you look like a ghoulish asshole.

  20. From what I can tell, the “dowside” to Ivermectin is that it works and therefor represents significant competition to Big Pharma while at the same time interfering with the Leftist agenda – – A Double Whamy if there ever wuz one!!

    Blueberries – Hey! That shit’ll kill ya!!

  21. The downside to Ivermectin would be that it doesn’t work.
    But I’m not going to fist pump the fact that it doesn’t.

    4 years ago, when I didn’t get my flu shot, and a person’s granny died of the flu, did I receive the wrath from the shot takers?
    You know why?
    Because the TV didn’t tell these nose pickers who to go after.
    I find these people to be among the worst assholes society has to offer.
    So easily led by the nose by people who do not have your best interest at heart.
    And in turn, they do not have our best interest at heart.
    The tone is off for that to be the case.
    I do not feel “concerned” for.

    How does me not taking the shot cause you any harm?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  22. It’s worse than you think, I heard a doctor state he was appalled to hear some docs say people who don’t take the jab shouldn’t be treated for any illnesses in hospital.

    I have heard it directly from a nurse supervisor too.

  23. Dear Horse Wormer High Priest,

    Your comments and implied attitude about ivermectin vs. the gene therapy shots is so aggressive and unempathetic that they suggest you need mental health help for pathological behavior. I’m not making light of this; I’m quite serious. If you don’t have some kind of counselor, you should seek one out. If you do have one, please schedule a visit as soon as possible. If you’ve been prescribed medicine to help you, please ask your prescribing physician to check your dosages.

    What you’ve been showing us is very unhealthy.

  24. I forgot to mention that the home care packs provided in over 20 other countries also contain Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Zinc. Wonderful results from this combination.
    The principal behind the IVM dose along with Azythromicin is this. The Z-pack is for more advanced respiratory/bronchial symptoms, the same as a minor care facility would prescribe.
    But the Ivermectin is for early onset treatment- it weakens the cell wall so that the Zinc can penetrate and kill the invading pathogen. HCQ does the same.
    We all know about Zicam for common colds. Same principle. It’s just introducing Zinc into the system to kill cell growth.
    I am in contact with many military guys in a network who swear by this anti-parasitic treatment. Many have self-administered and recovered quickly. No science deniers there. It’s real and it works.

    My sincere condolences to Robnlville over the loss of your dear mother. 💜

  25. To think that someone is sitting around rooting against the efficacy of Ivermectin is truly disturbing.
    I agree Al. This is mental illness.

  26. …and to date, I haven’t received an answer to the question “how does my not taking the jab pose a danger to you?”

  27. For all who do the paste, make sure you read the ingredients, some brands have other ingredients that are only safe for horses.

    Injectable is so much easier and will last you for years and orange juice is the best juice to cover up the taste.
    Because I’m sort of a prepper, I can also tell you feed stores sell fish biotics that are the exact same as human antibiotics. You can look up pill identifier and discover that for yourself.
    I know many farmers who also use LA200 and have for years.

    If this stuff was so dangerous we farmers/ranchers would have died a long time ago.

  28. This is for the high as a kite horse’s arse. Ivermectin and HCQ are both FDA approved and doctors can prescribe off label and have for years. You keep taking your boosters every 6 months until you die. No one is stopping you. Have a nice day.

  29. woody, our family doctor has always against the AMA protocols prescribed Z-pak and steroids for the flu. His reasoning has always been the flu doesn’t kill you, pneumonia does. He takes care of a lot of medicare patients and has never lost one to the flu.

  30. “The reason why so many DeathJabbed people are pushy and adamant about you getting the DeathJab too, is because deep-down they fear that they made a stupid mistake and don’t want to be alone with their freely-chosen error. If they go down, you have to go down with them. It’s inconceivable and enraging to them that you made the right choice and they did not. They followed “the scientism”. You HAVE to be wrong. Even if you are right, you MUST be DeathJabbed too so that everyone suffers equally.”

    Ann Barnhardt

  31. “A Major Ivermectin Study Has Been Withdrawn, So What Now For The Controversial Drug?”

    Not a single source cited in that article, Neigh Neigh the Gay Gay. Nor a single link to click on.

    It’s like every anonymous source CNN uses to bash anyone they want.

  32. Just because ten people with covid took Ivermectin and nine lived doesn’t mean that the ivermection was the cure

  33. “A Major Ivermectin Study Has Been Withdrawn, So What Now For The Controversial Drug?” Who would put up the millions of dollars for a study of a generic drug? No money to be made.

  34. Neigh Neigh The Gay Gay,

    The Forbes article you linked is horseshit (not to be confused with beneficial horse paste).

    From the article, and why everyone stops reading, they show a chart of prescriptions increasing for ivermectin and then say this as proof that it doesn’t work.:

    “All this ivermectin has had no effect at all on Covid-19 infections, which have continued to rise, but that hasn’t stopped people from desperately trying to get ivermectin.”

    You know what else hasn’t had any effect on COVID19 infections, which have continued to rise despite increasing use?

    * MASKS
    * *** THE VACCINE ***

    Therefore, NOTHING WORKS.

  35. Robnlville, trust me I know the anger you feel, it is why I am the way I am about the death jab, it killed my Mom, yes she was old, but if it had not been for that damn shot she could have enjoyed a little more time with her kids, grandkids and great grandkids before she died. Instead she was kept from her family and by the time we could be with her she was on her death bed.
    It killed my cousin, who still had good years left at the age of 60.
    It killed my aunt, again she was older, but still it robbed her and her kids, grandkids and great grandkids.
    It’s killed friends and friends and family of my friends.

    So I am bitter and I will continue telling everyone it’s a death jab and those who got it without any complications they best hope they got a placebo and don’t get boosters and yes I 110% believe my family and friends were murdered.

    I believe those they put on a ventilator have been murdered. They know it’s the wrong thing to do yet they do it anyway.

  36. For the article, do they not take into account those who have went online through frontline doctors and the other physician group and asked for prescriptions just in case?
    Not everyone getting ivermectin has covid. Then there are all of those like the guy on here who believe it’s a horse wormer and don’t seek it out.

  37. There was an interview on InfoWars last week with Dr. Artis and he found on the NIH schedule that Ivermectin is listed as a treatment after Remdeservir so anyone fighting doctors should look that chart up, print it and show it to the doctors. They’ve also included zinc, D and C as treatments. If you take the time to search the CDC, FDA and NIH sites you find a goldmine of information. The gaslighting and censorship is sadly limiting people’s knowledge.

    The real threat of Ivermectin besides the fact there is no money to be made is you can’t have an EA drug if there are alternative treatments that work. Also since the CDC got cute and changed the definition of a vaccination to something that may ‘protect’ instead of conferring immunity that actually makes Ivermectin a vaccination for those taking it as a preventative.

  38. Just because ten people with covid took Ivermectin and nine lived doesn’t mean that the ivermection was the cure>>>>

    You still haven’t answered the question that the mentally ill avoids answering, because it would somehow pop the bubble…

    How does me not taking the jab endanger you?

  39. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking Ivermectin for covid and other viruses. It’s been used successfully and extensively around the world since the early 1960’s for exactly that (and many) other purposes. It has proven efficacy in treating these and similar diseases.

    I’m with Barnhardt when she says that the primary motivation for people like horseface, here, to denigrate Ivermectin users is that they fear their own stupidity and gullibility. They don’t want to believe they themselves could possibly be so wrong about something so critical to their own health or, worse, their own children or other loved ones who they insisted get the untested and liability-free gene therapy. Their expressions of disdain are really a panic reaction to this simple realization. Like Alice down the rabbit hole, they read the labels and obeyed: “Eat Me” and “Drink Me” — with absolutely no idea what could happen. The Church of Fallible Farma is their religion. Sadder still is that they based their decision, in large part, in their belief that their voting patterns ensured their membership in “The Good Guys” club and they were, somehow, protected by what they believe is their tribe.


  40. “Just because ten people with covid took Ivermectin and nine lived doesn’t mean that the ivermection was the cure”

    I can’t believe even a Libtard would type that considering the JAB has a much worse track record and yes it is all about percentages. I just got through having fun with Throat Cancer. The best treatment they can offer still gives me a 20% chance of dying. Considering the alternative, I’ll take it.

  41. Fur, I’m sure you don’t expect an answer that makes sense. If it’s answered at all it will be word salad sophistry.

    Brad, That’s just it. There are very few (any?) drug or drug/surgery regimens that deliver 100% cure. At any rate, each of us are guaranteed death at some point.

  42. It’s disappointing that this person looks just like the left that we’ve done battle with on this site for the last decade.

    You ask a question and they ignore it, and go to some other windmill they can tilt at, believing they are doing something noble.
    No, shithead, you’ve seen these people on this site for years.
    You’ve become one of them.

  43. Maybe it’s simply money.

    Maybe Bill Gates is paying pro-vax and anti-ivermectin trolls $0.50/word, plus $1.00 for answering comments proving engagement.

    Maybe not answering will be incentive to troll elsewhere.

  44. I think it’s too late for many. They done drunk the Flav-r-Ade. This is a spiritual battle we’re in, after all.

  45. What a heart breaker. It looks like Harpo’s brother has been kidnapped and tortured by AOC. Tortured with a smelly crotch rubbed in his face until he has turned against us. Literally lost his mind, and his sense of smell. Let’s all take a minute to grieve.

  46. I have plenty of health issues I’m dealing with. I’m not doing the jab. And I’m not getting tested. If I think I’m developing symptoms I have HCQ, AZ, Ivermectin, and all kinds of vitamins on hand. I don’t trust the medical community any more than I trust the elephants in Congress.

  47. Ivermectin is one of the 10 drugs that the UN gives to all 3rd world countries everyday. Its is a wonder drug.
    Look at Sub Sahara Africa, and then look at North Africa and the death rates.
    Great find JD.
    This needs to be sent far and wide.

  48. The VAERS is being under-utilized by massive percentages to assuage (lie to) the masses,

    in the same sense that COVID “deaths” have been over-utilized to lie to the masses.

  49. Look at Douglas Co MO. 1555 cases and 41 deaths.

    There are no hospitals in Douglas County. Not even one. Where did those numbers come from? BULLSHIT. Did they come from Springfield? Did they come from Baxter in Mountain Home, AR?

    That’s the same number of people who get killed in tractor accidents every year.

    But this year we had no tractor accidents, or influenza.


  50. I called CVS and asked if they had Ivermectin on hand because I was going to send a script to them.
    They said that if it is used for Covid treatment we will not fill it. They also straight up asked a friend what it is used for and she was honest with them and said Covid. They told her that we will not fill it. So screw CVS.

    I had a script of Ivermectin sent to Walmart, they said they were out and didn’t know when it would be in stock. So I then moved it to a small pharmacy. The cost is $336. So the demand is going is crazy, and I had friend try to order paste from a vet supply and they were out.

  51. I don’t care whether it works or it doesn’t.
    I don’t care whether the jab works or it doesn’t.

    The principles here are Liberty and Freedom.
    If the government cannot tell a woman she can’t murder her in utero baby, then they sure as Hell can’t tell me to take an experimental inoculation. PERIOD.

    Our Constitution circumscribes the Government – NOT We, the People.
    There is NO CLAUSE in that Constitution which authorizes The Usurper to “mandate” anything, much less a questionable inoculation.
    The government simply DOES NOT have the authority to dictate your medical treatments. You can use nightshade extract to mend a cut, if that is your desire – or wolfsbane – or rose hips – it is no business of the government.

    Somehow we have lost sight of this simple fact in our ever-widening search for free shit.

    May God have mercy on us.

    izlamo delenda est …


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