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Wind Turbines Flying Apart in Europe

Western Journal

Too much of a good thing is causing havoc at a Norwegian wind farm.

Over the past two years, at least seven objects have fallen from the wind turbines at the Ånstadblåheia wind farm near Sortland with strong winds being called the culprit, according to Life in Norway. More

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  1. I just read a tally of the amount of resources and energy it takes to manufacture one wind turbine. The expended resources it takes FAR exceed the energy the wind turbine will EVER produce over its useful life, even if it ran at full capacity and didn’t prematurely fail.

    What a racket! And a crime upon our beautiful vistas, birds and other wildlife.

  2. AND Nord Stream #1 & #2 Have developed leaks!

    Officially, The Germans & Soviets claim sabotage is a very real possibility.

    … and YES Soviets

  3. Kcir

    Nope. Us. They weren’t leaks. They were massive explosions. They’re saying it could take several years to repair do to Salt Water Intrusion.
    People are asking why we just declared war on Europe.

  4. [Newspaper editor] Berg-Hansen told NRK he thinks the severity of the weather surprised the wind farm’s operator.

    Only insofar as the engineers and suits in the executive suite didn’t tell the operator the calculations they used to figure out how cheaply they could build the bat-chomping bird-slicing eco-crucifixes (thanks for that Mr. Delingpole) and still last just long enough for them to get to a non-extradition country.

  5. Windmills that can’t take the wind.
    EV cars that burn.
    Pipe lines that leak.
    Borders that can’t keep illegals out.
    Money that can’t buy as much gas today as it did last year.

    Will we ever survive?

  6. That Norwegian wind is a tricky little varmint, it’ll tear your turbine apart if’n you don’t keep an eye on it. Why, what’d they make those turbines outta anyhow? Isn’t it good Norwegian wood?

  7. 5 windmills in Atlantic City. When I told a Lefty to take a trip over to the base of the windmills to view all the dead birds they were shocked. Then I explained how much oil is needed in those turbines.
    “How Much Oil Does a Wind Turbine Use At the moment, the average wind farm has 150 turbines. Each wind turbine requires 80 gallons of oil for lubrication, and this isn’t vegetable oil; this is a PAO synthetic oil based on crude… 12,000 gallons.”


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