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Windfarms for thee, not for me

Green mogul opposed wind farm off Martha’s Vineyard, blasts objectors in Vermont.


Watchdog- A green energy mogul who protested an offshore wind farm near his summer home on Martha’s Vineyard is criticizing Vermonters who oppose his company’s four-megawatt combined solar farm proposed in Bennington.

In 2010, Thomas Melone, CEO of Allco Renewable Energy, petitioned to block Cape Wind, a large offshore wind farm sited in federal waters in Nantucket Sound.

In an appeal to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, Melone protested the proposed construction of 130 ocean wind turbines on the basis the renewable energy project would affect his viewscapes and hurt the value of his $15 million beachfront property in Edgartown, Massachusetts.  Read More

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  1. A wind farm on the ocean, what could possibly go wrong? Let’s see, what if they have a hurricane or a ferocious Nor’easter with high seas and huge waves coming over the top of those windmills. How about ships running into them if there are no lighthouses to warn ships away from them? And the most obvious if you’re a greenie, how about the environmental damage will be done to the fish. Just think how much havoc they create on land with bird kills, wouldn’t the same be true for fish and God forbid if they killed a dolphin or a whale. Idiots! Maybe they can just harness rainbows and unicorn farts for electricity, like that’ll ever happen.

  2. Teddy “Fatboy” Kennedy didn’t want a wind farm offshore from the Hyannis “compound,” either.

    In related news, “The Hero of Chappaquiddick” is still dead.

  3. Yeah, I was gonna say… didn’t that fat drunk bastard die like a couple of deleted emails ago? Or perhaps it was referencing the even creepier nephew with the eyes that make Steve Buscemi look “normal”…


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