Winn-Dixie in Trouble

The Winn-Dixie is closing 200 of their stores and likely to file bankruptcy.

I’ve been to the Winn-Dixie. Some can be a little old-fashioned. They’re struggling to keep up with Aldi prices, Publix middle-of-the-road domination and Whole Foods’ pizazz.

What store do you shop at?

When I was young it was Bohack. Then A&P. Then Waldbaum. Then Shop Rite.

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  1. I’m in Florida, also. I shop mostly at Publix but I go to Winn-Dixie for produce where it is fresher and cheaper.

    As a youngster, we shopped at the commissary.

  2. Damn… Winn-Dixie had the BEST cuts of meat back in the day. Unlike Food Town (now, Food Lion).

    My dad always said, their (Food Town/Lion) butcher must’ve thrown the cow in front of a train… 😮

  3. Out in CA I prefer Lucky. But they’re struggling now. The best grocery store I’ve ever shopped at is the Food Lion outside of Ft. Stewart.

  4. I live in “The Center Of Everywhere America”. Most of the local towns grocery stores really suck and they don’t get it, but they have been fighting for their existence for decades. Maybe I’m the idiot….NAH!!!

    70 miles to a Walmart, 70 miles to Russ’s in Hastings. They could do better, but settled for poor mediocrity….

  5. Bills Super Value was my first grocery store.

    Whenever I am in a metro area and stop at any store it blows my socks off the quality of produce and pricing compared to small town America.

  6. Big Bear and Kroger in central Ohio when I was little.
    Kroger bought QFC here in Seattle, so it’s funny seeing that name on the shelves again.
    Costco and the local grocery store is where we do most of our shopping now.

  7. Our local Payless groceries have better fresh produce than the commissaries here and the prices are comparable.

    Fuck you Congress for dicking with military benefits over seas.

  8. Out here in California we have Raley’s which is at the high end price wise, but I like their produce and meat department. We just got a SuperWalMart and I go there to buy a specific brand of tomato sauce, cat food and bird seed. I shop at Winco, they are hands down the best prices store around. I have to drive a ways to shop there, but the prices are worth it. Winco is employee owned.

  9. United is a regional supermarket now owned by Albertson’s. Nice stores but pricey. Food King recently came to this area but I have not been there yet.

  10. Here in NE Ohio I shop at Giant Eagle for staples and sale items and a local chain called Heinens for good produce and high end items.

  11. Left Coast Dan February 17, 2018 at 8:34 pm

    Mostly Trader Joes, with Vons to fill in the rest (and is close).

    Only thing I buy there are cases of Two Buck Chuck, went there today for a couple of cases. 🙂

  12. Walmart neighborhood market, Winco, Trader Joes, and Safeway. I remember mom when I was a kid running around to all these different markets. It’s true – one place will never satisfy you. You have to shop around.

  13. I shopped in a Winn-Dixie today, turns out I have 97 points on my Plenti card.. guess it’s just about worthless now..

  14. Weis is good quality and great prices.
    Safeway and Giant are WAY overpriced.
    Wegmans? Way too Yuppy.
    Super Walmart – where else can you buy a shotgun, ammo, camo, boots and lunch for your hunting trip all under one roof?

  15. I grow most of my own veggies, I have chickens for eggs and meat. There’s a guy that I go in with on a steer each year. Other than that there’s a mom and pop place where I get staples, flour, rice coffee etc.

  16. Aldi, Meijer, a local grocery outlet that’s about it. I used to occasionally shop a local Wal-Mart, but now I’d have to take a crash course in Spanish if I want to shop that store. I just don’t have the desire to put forth that effort.

  17. Harvey’s/Food Lion and a Pig are the only two close, the Pig is old and nasty.
    Did you know the Pig in Memphis introduced modern buggy shopping?
    Publix is about 20 miles, go there when I need to stock up on exotic items, like pearled barley.
    I love the vegetables, funny enough, the little hometown Harvey’s is pretty good on selection and price.
    Then there is Alphonso and his truck/trailer in front of the bar, under the big live oak.
    If he sees me drive by he hollers: “Hey, I got some beets.”.

  18. I bagged groceries at Piggly Wiggly
    & Winn Dixie. We got HEB here in texas
    and signature Krogers…Plus all the houty-touty
    places too.

  19. Here in Chicago (area) I shop at Jewel, which was acquired by Albertsons, which was acquired by Super-Valu. Also a local chain — Mariano’s is gaining a strong following. But whichever I choose, I shop in the suburbs to avoid the 10.25% sales tax in Chicago / Cook County.

  20. as a kid (& first 15 years marriage) Greenbelt Co-op Grocery
    now … Safeway or Giant …. for fresh meats, poultry, seafood, great Italian, or other ‘ethnic’ spices, dishes & flavorings & adult libations, Nick’s
    snowbirding in FLA … Publix

  21. Hy-Vee. Great Midwest chain that is wiping out the competition. Employee owned. High end quality and great great service. They’re giving a Walmart a run for their business. I still go to Aldi and Trader Joe’s cuz they have fun stuff that I would never have found anywhere else.

  22. @mr Hanover. I vaguely remember Woolco and certainly remember A&P, the very first supermarket chain in America.

    Central Virginia has gone through a lot of grocery wars over the last decade, including the demise of Ukrops, a Christian family run chain that was predominant in the area for years. Didn’t sell beer or wine and was closed on sundays.

    I can tell you one thing about ukrops, who was a customer of mine, they had the lowest theft of any client I ever had. Most shrink is internal.

    I’m very happy that Wegmans responded to a letter writing campaign and have expanded to Richmond.
    Their bakery, meat, cheese and produce are top notch.
    Publix also recently expanded here. Mostly Ok. Produce sucks.

  23. Delchamps, Piggly Wiggly (Hoggly Woggly), Winn Dixie, White Stores, Red Foods, and Cas Walker’s.

    Old man Walker had a chain of stores in the Knoxville area and even had a local TV show, where Dolly Parton made her first performance for the public audience.

  24. W-D is my choice, and a local market, although Publix, Aldi’s, WalMart, Sam’s Club, Save-A-Lot, and even Target are all local. WalMart to me is too creepy, Aldi’s customers think they’re in Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s and are annoying, Target I avoid on GP, Save-A-Lot the customers tend to be honest, polite, working people, but the item range is not great. Publix seems a bit pricey. Shame W-D seems to have gotten drained in a takeover.

  25. I was really proud of myself last year. I shot my own Thanksgiving turkey.

    Unfortunately, I have been banned from Kroger since then and have yet to find a suitable replacement grocery store.

  26. I’ll shop specialty stores for meat. Whole Foods, The Nugget, Sprouts. Over processed chemically injected meats freak me out. In a perfect world I’d eat what I killed. If you see bright red meat at Safeway or Wally World keep in mind they inject it with chemicals to keep it that color. Every day. Grass Fed is best. A little more expensive but in my opinion worth it.

  27. When I was younger, it was Winn Dixie, Giant Foods, and Big Star. Eventually, a Steven’s and an Albertson’s came. All were ok. Big Star was meh.

    My favorite was the Harris Teeter chain. I used to only get meats from them as they were the bomb. They were the priciest of all but if you shopped right you got better quality for not much more. Better selection too. They closed several years ago and now I just eat out as opposed to Kroger’s and Publix that pretty much cost the same as eating out.

    Food Lion is awful. I decided to get some chicken there once and it had mold growing on it. After their scandal in the 90s and that, I’ll never trust them.

  28. As a child in Virginia, mom and dad shopped at A&P and Safeway. Later we moved to Massachusetts, don’t remember where we shopped then.
    Now I’m in Utah and do the majority of my shopping at Costco, with the occasional Wally World and Macey’s for odds and ends at late hours.
    Mrs Deplorable likes to shop at one just a couple of miles down the road, major brand, name forgotten at the moment.

  29. My brother-in-law was a merchandiser for Hershey and would go in through the back door. He would not buy groceries anywhere but Publix. He said the rest had dirty and nasty storage in the back – Wal Mart being one of the worst.

  30. In my younger years in California, I shopped at Ralph’s and Safeway. Where I live now, my only choices are Shop ‘n Save, Giant Food and Walmart. I shop mostly at Walmart because I use their online free grocery pickup service. I don’t have to fight the inside of the store, they load the groceries in my car, and it saves me from impulse buying.


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