Winner Gets The Newspaper

The Hardwick Gazette is trying a unique approach to find a new owner; awarding itself as the prize to the writer of the best 400 word essay “about the entrant’s skills and vision for owning a paid weekly newspaper in the new millennium.”  

The paper comes with “the historic Main Street building…and equipment and proprietary materials necessary to operate the business.

 It costs $175 to enter, with a minimum of 700 entries and a maximum of 1889 (the year to paper was founded).


10 Comments on Winner Gets The Newspaper

  1. They want me to pay for the privilege to *win* a massive amount of debt?
    Must be a typical liberal rag.

  2. The only paper I would want is one that headlines:
    Barrack Obama convicted of treason.
    Or Hillary Clinton sentenced for treason.
    Or Bill Clinton has AIDS and incurable veneral disease.
    Lynch, executed for treason.
    Josh Earnest, serving time for aiding and abetting.

  3. Burner,
    My thoughts exactly. In this age of failing LSMs, why would I want to own one? Except to fire all the employees, and sell off the equipment, piece by piece.

  4. If I had the Money I would spend three hundred words detailing how I would shut down the paper, fire the employees, sell the presses, the filing cabinets, everything down to the last thumbtack.
    Then I would spend the last hundred words talking about my trophy wife’s new boobs.

  5. Telling the newspaper that, “I would profess the exact opposite of what liberal rags currently profess on a daily basis” is only 16 words; not 400.

    Do I win?

  6. According to Wikipedia, it only has a circulation of 2200. I think this is some kind of honey trap. Besides the Boston Herald, The Lowell Sun and a few other papers, all of the media in New England is Communistic! Don’t fall for it.

    Oh and if I were to wind up owning this paper, I would have as my wire service, Fox News, all of the information I can import from The Aerican Spectator, National Review, Human Events and And then for columnists I would use The Goldberg File, R. Emmett Tyrell, the Turd Flinging Money and Terrence Popp of That should trigger a Testerone explosion in central Vermont!

  7. If your thinking of playing, don’t bother. The fix is in. They already have a muslim picked out who will write in and explain how he’d make the paper sharia-compluant and hire muslim refugees exclusively.

  8. Burner, it would be perfect for the former “editor” of the Harvard Law Review. He woudn’t even have to be there or do anything. And he didn’t build it, of course.

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