Wiping out crime: face-scanners placed in public toilet to tackle TP Theft

Guardian: Facial recognition software installed in Beijing convenience to crack down on people taking large amounts of toilet paper.

One of Beijing’s busiest public toilets is fighting the scourge of toilet paper theft through the use technology – giving out loo roll only to patrons who use a face scanner.

The automated facial recognition dispenser comes as a response to elderly residents removing large amounts of toilet paper for use at home.

Now, those in need of paper must stand in front of a high-definition camera for three seconds, after removing hats and glasses, before a 60cm ration is released.

Those who come too often will be denied, and everyone must wait nine minutes before they can use the machine again.

But there have already been reports of software malfunctions, forcing users to wait over a minute in some cases, a difficult situation for those in desperate need of a toilet.  more here

23 Comments on Wiping out crime: face-scanners placed in public toilet to tackle TP Theft

  1. To pull this off in a diversely populated country would be difficult, everyone would crap on the floor as revenge.

  2. I’ll bet anyone a dollar that the facial recognition hardware is a sham. It just looks realistic so the gullible old people will stop stealing bog roll.

    A more practical solution would be to install vending machines to sell a reasonable quantity of paper for a nickel or equivalent.

    Anybody here remember the public rest rooms in NYC with coin operated stalls? It cost a dime to take a crap.

  3. @Outdoorjohn – Let’s hijack the thread and turn it into a restroom graffiti extravaganza!

    Just kidding. iOTW fancies itself a SFW web site. Heh-heh-heh!

  4. I bring My own….that typewriter paper that passes for TP is deadly

    What’s the old joke ?

    John Wayne Toilet Paper

    It’s rough, tough, and don’t take shit off anybody.


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