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Wisconsin County Sends Dominion Packing

Westbend Daily News

The Washington County Executive Committee voted to upgrade the county’s election management system, and to do a full recount of select state and federal elections, during their meeting on Wednesday.

“What we’re looking at doing is beginning to program all of our elections here, in-house, rather than contracting with [Dominion Voting Systems] as we have in the past,” said Washington County Clerk Ashley Reichert. More

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  1. Way too easy to fool people with tricky software that is hidden from inspection and not fully understood by many who are not in the computer business. Paper is the safest.

  2. How embarrassing to be ‘anonymous’ and make childish comments.

    Although, that would explain the need to be ‘anonymous’.

  3. Anything with the word dominion is essentially and indication of British affiliation. Those fuckers still want to take you back…
    (Bible references NOT included)

  4. anonapussy’s dead relatives have voted democrat for 50 years. hopefully it does the world a favor and joins them six feet under.

  5. Same day voting with Id and purple finger.
    Let’s see the outcome with that prescription.
    I bet the uniparty would not have a great day.

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