Wisconsin Lawmakers Put New Dem Gov. On Short Leash

In a series of bills passed yesterday, the republican majority in Wisconsin’s state house await out-going governor Scott Walker’s signature on a number of measures that will limit the ability of the incoming democrat, Tony Evers from acting too independently of the law-making branch of government. Democrats have been calling this a power grab that denies the people what they voted for in November, ignoring that republicans hold the State Senate and Assembly. More

4 Comments on Wisconsin Lawmakers Put New Dem Gov. On Short Leash

  1. In all cases where Dems don’t get their way, they call it a power grab. Well, guess what, Dems? Your state’s voters elected Rep assembly and senate. So…neener.

  2. If Democrats didn’t habitually ignore checks and balances, limits on power or the will of the people, this wouldn’t have been necessary. But their reputation preceded them; Walker was never subject to these because the chances of Walker exceeding the bounds of his authority were about nil.

  3. If the political parties were the other way around…
    The Libs tried to recall Walker, how’d they like that done to their puppet>?
    My new catch phrase –
    “Wow, are you Evers gonna be sorry you elected him!”


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