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Wisconsin lawsuit challenges ballot drop boxes and the ballots deposited in them

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A lawsuit filed in the Wisconsin Supreme Court seeks to have all ballot drop boxes found illegal and to have all of the votes deposited in them declared illegal. 

The suit was filed by Wisconsin voter Dean Mueller and calls for a temporary injunction blocking the Wisconsin Election Commission from certifying the state’s election results until the case’s merits can be heard.

A permanent injunction is sought to prevent certification of the election if the drop boxes and ballots are found to be illegal.

The suit also raises the issue of scrapping the election results and holding a new contest or allowing the state legislature select electors.

“If the drop-box ballots were not segregated so that they could be identified to a legal certainty and removed, then the Petitioner asks the Wisconsin Supreme Court to nullify the results of this whole election in Wisconsin and notify that the legislature that it must choose 10 Electors under the directives of the U.S. Constitution found in Article II,” a portion of the suit signed by attorney Karen Mueller states. read more

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  1. Per normal, headline without information to back it up. I don’t follow the rationale for the suit unless the segregation is required by law. If drop boxes are normal procedure, then it would be a huge burden to show that these were especially the source of invalid ballots.

  2. This is an interesting thought from NC Renegade.

    “How Trump-appointed judges in federal district courts are speeding rejection of Trump’s lawsuits in order to get them to SCOTUS more quickly.”

  3. That seems like a reasonable strategy, let’s hope the SCOTUS takes the case. Trump seems concerned with the lack of seriousness that SCOTUS has on this. And where in the hell is law enforcement?!?! What does it take for these obstructionists to wake up and smell the coffee. Is there not even one good guy in all of the fbi or the doj?

  4. joe6pak

    Dang hard to tell how this is going to end. One of the 8:00 crew likes to say, “This is either the greatest spy novel ever or a really bad horror flick”. I can’t disagree.

  5. I saw the warroom video with Hoopes. Bannon blew it not asking her what the DOJ told/asked her. He’s horrible about follow-up questions sometimes.


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