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Wisconsin NPR Takes A Mournful Look At 10 Years After Act 10

Note: This elegy for the teacher’s unions is a bit long. I’ve excerpted the more relevant parts. – Dr. Tar


When tens of thousands of union members and supporters flocked to the state Capitol a decade ago, they warned that Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining bill could redefine organized labor in Wisconsin. They were right…

…Ten years later, organized labor forges on in Wisconsin, but being part of a union means something different than it used to. (you aren’t kidding, WPR?)

There are fewer union members, they carry less political clout, and those who remain are limited in what they can bargain for… (We’re just getting started with the grieving.)

Membership And Power Decline

Membership in Wisconsin unions has plummeted in Wisconsin in the years since Act 10 became law. (Do tell)

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 14.2 percent of Wisconsin workers were union members in 2010 compared to 11.9 percent in the national economy.

But by 2020, just 8.7 percent of Wisconsin workers were members of unions, compared to 10.8 percent nationally…

…While other states also saw a decline in union membership over the last decade, Wisconsin’s 5.5-percent drop was especially steep compared to its Midwest neighbors. (Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.)

In Wisconsin, the bottom falls out,” Dresser said [Laura Dresser, a labor economist and associated director of the COWS research institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison]…. (It sure did, tell us more WPR.)

…During the 2009 legislative session before Walker took office, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the state’s largest teachers union, had a total of 17 lobbyists and reported spending about $2.5 million to try to influence state government policies. By 2019, WEAC had just two lobbyists, and its lobbying budget dropped to $71,000. (Are you serious, WPR? That’s freaking hilarious. Thank you, Scott Walker) More

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  1. They started a new union: The Union of Soviet-American Republics.
    It’s gained enormous power, too.

    The left doesn’t need the unions anymore: they’ve seized our government.

  2. When I saw “10 Years After” I thought, well, y’know, “10 Years After” with Alvin Lee.

    iOTWReport’s been doing music stuff and … uhh … y’know …

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Unions and Democrats, the relationship goes like this: Unions are a slush fund for the Democrat party and vice versa. The unions collect dues from their members and then give a significant portion of those dues to the Democrat party. The Democrat party then manipulates politics to benefit those very same unions at the detriment of the local taxpayers who are NOT union members. Round and round it goes while taxpayers get screwed. FU NPR!

  4. Tim, I thought the same thing. I thought “I’m going home” was next up.

  5. Brad, I couldn’t remember the title of that, I would have linked it if I had. Goes back a lot of years for those songs. You know, Alvin Lee didn’t seem to get the credit he deserved for his guitar playing. Another guy I saw quite a few times that never got the commercial recognition I would have liked is Rory Gallagher. The PSA is good too, we need to wake up.

  6. Joe6
    I don’t the Ten Years After ever got the recognition the deserved. You know I have two sons, they use to constantly raid my CD collection when they were young. Thank God for Blue Tooth. I turned them both on to Ten Years After a couple months ago. The youngest rolled home tonight blaring that song in his plastic hot rod. The conundrum is what to expose them to next.

  7. Brad, the music when we were young is so much better than what I’ve heard from current offerings. It’s hard to say what to recommend to our kids. Plus my kids think I’m an old guy, what would I know. Back when I was able to work out more regularly I had an hour or two picked out, Gimmie Shelter, Paint it Black, Other Stones songs, Jefferson Airplane, 30 Seconds over Winterland, Buddy Guy, BB King, Allman Brothers, hell, I can’t think of them all. I’ve got all the CD’s downstairs. But my kids think I’m too old for good music. One day I’ll dig them out and make them listen to some.

  8. joe6pak
    We just updated our original very expensive home sound system to a Blue Tooth enabled receiver. I know I’m way behind the times. But damn I’m having a blast. Wifey gets pissed when I blow the magnetic attached ceiling speaker covers to the ground. LOL. I play the hell out of the stones.
    That and Gretta. The more volume, the better.


  9. Don’t forget Jorma Kaukonen, he killed it on “Feel So Good”, as well as others. I think he still plays.

  10. Tax the rich
    Feed the poor
    ‘Til there ain’t no rich no more.

  11. The worst part is that NPR/WPR produces this clap-trap at taxpayers expense! And republicans, when they are in power, never have the guts to defund them.

  12. Joe6, I read Jorma’s autobiography last year. Very positive, had something good to say about everybody. Hell of a guitar player. Still goes on tour with Jack Cassidy.

  13. Joe 6 and Brad if you’re kids are like anything I was growing up the older they get the more I’m turning into my dad as well as my grandfather and enjoying the music they liked which was mostly country & western. It’s funny how that happened and my son who is almost 39 likes the music we listened to back in the 60’s and 70’s (classic rock/album rock etc.) and country as well. Most of the newer stuff is garbage now, although I do like Mumford and Sons but beyond that the newer music is crap.

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