Wisconsin Primary On Today, Despite Last Minute Efforts By Dem Gov

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 Wisconsin is asking hundreds of thousands of voters to ignore a stay-at-home order in the midst of a pandemic to participate in Tuesday’s presidential primary election, becoming a test case for dozens of states struggling to balance public health concerns with a core pillar of democracy.

The National Guard will help run voting sites across the state after thousands of election workers stepped down fearing for their safety. Dozens of polling places will be closed, but those that are active will open at 7 a.m. CDT.

Results were not expected to be released election night. In the wake of a legal battle over whether to conduct the election as scheduled, a court ruling appeared to prevent results from being made public earlier than April 13. More

13 Comments on Wisconsin Primary On Today, Despite Last Minute Efforts By Dem Gov

  1. ” …. in the midst of a pandemic … ”

    They sure like to use that wore, pandemic, a lot don’t they?

    Because it really doesn’t mean anything in the real sense other than affecting a large geographic area but it isn’t heard that much and sounds real scary because of it.

    FWIW, the common cold is pandemic, so are the seasonal flu’s we suffer each winter.

  2. They don’t care what they have to do to win an election. Even call off elections is part of their playbook.

    Heck, their me-too crowd just revealed that they want a democrat in office so bad that they don’t care how many women have to get raped by Joe Biden for it to happen.

  3. Never trust a democrat, they’re up to no good on everything that has room to develop a rig with. Voting fraud is their specialty.

  4. The National Guard will help run voting sites across the state after thousands of election workers stepped down fearing for their safety.

    Come on! You cheese head bastards! You’ve got it in you! Cough! Cough like your lives depend on it!

    (because… well… )

  5. The impact of today’s election:
    Trump wins GOP primary, regardless of anything
    Biden wins Dem primary, regardless of anything
    Press gets to cry and wail about voter disenfranchisement, and claim that somehow this is all part of the Republican plan to steal November or something.

  6. Public narrative-the worst health crisis ever. Will kill MILLIONS!

    Private academic papers- probably like a bad case of the seasonal flu.

    They have blood on their hands of all the deaths from the shutdown.

  7. …that’s weird…he should have talked to Ohio’s asshole nazi Democrat ass-licking Never-Trumper fuckhead of a DIABLO cocksucking pansy governor who couldn’t survive for 5 minutes if he wasn’t constantly surrounded by burly Troopers, because THAT guy was overruled by the Ohio Supreme Court, and simply turned to his baby-murdering, background-hiding, Democrat “heath director” and had HER close down the polls because it may have made his best freind Biden look bad if the old folks stayed home. She did it in the wee smalls, so the poll workers had actually started showing up for work and everything…


    …it is so disgusting to watch how that little rat-bastard’s beadly little bloodshot eyes sparkle every time he violates the Constitution, I’m pretty sure he’s having an orgasm but I don’t know if it’s from fucking the taxpayers and citizens of Ohio, fucking the President, or both, but he DEFINITELY serves ONLY the Democrats in this, as in everything, so he REALLY shouldn’t be counted a “Republican” any more than a man who tucks his penis into his butt crack should be counted a “woman”, although I’m willing to bet this milquetoast shithead’s done THAT with more than one gay lover, too…

    …anyway, DeWine would be HAPPY to give OTHER Nazi Democrat governors tips on abrogating their citizen’s basic rights for no fucking reason at ALL, they should give him a jingle, he’d enjoy that, probably keeps the phone in his thong underwear for an extra little thrill…

  8. Everything we’re going through is for the purpose of damaging President Trump and providing a basis for the Left to claim his second term is “illegitimate.”

  9. There’s a state supreme court seat up for re-election today. The dems have put considerable resources into knocking off the conservative jurist that currently sits on the court as have state republicans to keep him on the high court.

    That’s primarily what’s at stake today.

  10. We can walk into these giant super markets to buy groceries but we can’t vote in person? BULLSHIT!!
    Mail in elections simply give democrats a chance to “ballot harvest”.

  11. The WI State Statue that allows the Health Dept. create an economic depression doesn’t allow them to tamper with the election.
    The WI Governor abdicated his position to the Health Dept a couple of weeks age. He has no power until the Health Dept. allows it. BTW, the statue the Health Commies are using was written way back when the HIV/AIDS ‘pandemic’ was a thing.


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