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Wisconsin Recount Nets Trump 26 Votes

LZ: Jill Stein’s crusade to contest the will of voters becomes more futile on fifth day of counting.

The recount forced by Green Party nominee Jill Stein in Wisconsin is going swimmingly so far — for President-Elect Donald Trump.

Trump has extended his lead over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by a total of 26 additional votes.

The results for Monday — the fifth day of the Wisconsin recount — showed that Trump accrued 84 more votes than the initial election results reported. Clinton gained 58 votes. The initial count in the Badger State had Trump trouncing Clinton by 27,257 votes.

The hard, cold numbers seem to matter little to Stein.  more

15 Comments on Wisconsin Recount Nets Trump 26 Votes

  1. Gee Wally, that’s enough to significantly knock down her Infinitesimally small fractional total percentage of the vote! That’s like $70,000 a vote!
    Clinton would love to get her claws on that!
    …. oh wait …

  2. After the recount Stein and her supporters will celebrate the fact that the integrity of the vote that they’ve worked so hard to protect has been vindicated.

    Ha ha ha ha, just kidding.

    In reality it’ll be more like the big celebration those who wring their hands about “money in politics” had when a presidential candidate who spent less than half what his opponent did won anyway.

  3. If Jillybell is trying to etch her name in time for another run in 2020, it isn’t working. She is coming across as a clueless whiny fool.

  4. @Flip – if Trump is offered the Nobel he should refuse it and say it has lost it’s meaning because it has most recently been awarded to the most worthless man/men on earth – and he prefers not to be associated with that group.

  5. The crappy ROI on this investment of several million dollars is truly worthy of innumerate Dems: Spending others’ money on “good intentions” with no tangible benefit and lots of unintended consequences.

  6. Gladys – In the extremely unlikely event that Trump is awarded a Nobel prize, he will accept, saying that the Committee has restored its integrity by awarding it for accomplishments rather than for promises.

  7. As to those three in Florida, they want the candidates to pay for the pending recounts. The candidates can choose to ignore the recounts and it goes away.

  8. This reminds me of when someone asked about Prince felt bad about his movie “Purple Rain” was a flop:

    “Why” I got paid millions of dollars of someone else’s money.” (Or words to that effect.)

  9. Jill was on one of the TV news programs a few days ago, proclaiming that her Recount/Election Integrity Beach House Fund was totally legit.

    Apparently her pet idiots are starting to catch on to the scam.

  10. Stein was on Cavuto today. There’s a squirrel in the backyard that keeps falling out of a tree, I think they’re related(Stein that is.)

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