Wisconsin town rules snowball fights illegal

Conservative comedian Nik DiPaolo shares his opinions on the banning of snowball fights and the nanny staters who pass stupid laws.
[Spicy Language Warning]

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  1. Saxindacity DECEMBER 6, 2019 AT 6:21 PM

    Gold & Green Sir

    Even us flatlanders know that…

    (Ex Bear/NFL fan)
    Not watched a game since Crapperdick started kneeing.

  2. Back in the day, throwing snowballs at cars was considered great sport. Timing was crucial, as you had to lead your shot, as in skeet shooting or wing shooting waterfowl. Tallies were kept, and bragging rights were especially enhanced, if you were chased by police or an angry car owner. Now the shoes on the other foot and it makes me laugh, when I hear a thud on the side of my car and watch some punks run into the woods.

  3. When I was a senior in high school there was this one warm late winter day when the entire student body went outside during the lunch break. After a long winter closed up indoors it felt good to get outside. An innocent snowball fight began which lasted well past the lunch hour. No one was ready to go back inside. Someone from the office must of called the local police to come and shag us back inside. The patrol car pulled into the student parking lot and two officers stepped out of the car. There was a brief moment of silence from the student body… Then, like a scene from a mid evil battle movie, 500 snowballs were simultaneously launched in the direction of the two cops. They dove in their squad just moments before the deluge of packed snow rained down on them. They pealed out of the lot in retreat, siren and lights flashing. It was glorious victory over the man.

  4. Let’s cut to the chase…Just ban ANYTHING that may involve fun or enjoyment.

    Problem is; even that wouldn’t stop the ever-hateful, non-stop complaining, bitching, forever dissatisfied bleeding heart liberals that just want everyone to drop dead.


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