Wisconsin Working On Law To Toss Campus Speech Thugs

It’s simple, really.  Caught twice shouting down a campus speaker and a crybully gets suspended for a semester. Do it a third time and the violator is expelled. Of course, the left is losing its ever-loving mind defending its favorite fascist tactics for shutting out those they disagree with.


The UW system is owned and operated by the State of Wisconsin, so if the majority of elected officials believe that disrupting and interfering with invited guest to the campus reflects poorly on the state, they are well within their rights to set standards for how members of the campus community are to behave if they wish to remain enrolled.

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  1. Speaking of Wisconsin, in the last day or so somebody published a map of the US and it showed the 50 states with the word that is most frequently misspelled in a state. In Wisconsin the most misspelled word is Wisconsin.

  2. Oops, lefties are now claiming that the First Amendment is sacrosant, and shouting down a speaker is a legitimate exercise of First Amendment rights. How inconvenient for universities that search for ways to limit speech they don’t like.

    If Wisconsin wants to sell this bill, they should define shouting down any speaker as hate speech and therefore not protected by the First Amendment. Although leftists are not fazed by hypocrisy, it would still put them in a position of now having to specifically identify different forms of hate speech.

  3. Wow. Home of Madisongrad Peoples’ Republic. What will all the smelly, barefoot commies do now.

  4. Yet more oppression by the White Patriarchal Slave Holding majority with their misogynistic homophobic islamophobic legislation.

  5. Those protesting students (I use the term lightly) should be held to the same academic standards as the athlete’s on the football and basketball teams.
    I doubt they could manage even that low a bar.

  6. Let’s just see how long this lasts against soros’ shitbag
    lawyers, I’m seeing a legal hold coming in 3….2…..1.

  7. That article was extremely biased. It never described why Republicans want it. The reason is that conservatives and Republicans are ALWAYS shouted down and driven off campus. This happens at nearly every college. Never once to they even mention that. They never got any reactions from any group that support the new law.

    The only reason for the government to “meddle” is because UW, and most other colleges, regularly violate free-speech rights of non-moonbat leftists.

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