Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board Served As Cover For “Opposition Research”

Imagine you had the power to subpoena and dig through all the communications, records, and transcripts of all the leading political opponents in your state and there wasn’t a damn thing they could do to stop you or prevent you from leaking whatever embarrassing personal, private, or political details you found.

That appears to be exactly what happened through the coordinated efforts of Wisconsin’s now disbanded Government Accountability Board (GAB), a sympathetic judge and a number of partisan district attorneys out to destroy the republican party of Wisconsin in general and Governor Scott Walker in particular.

Under the guise of a secret investigation called John Doe III, someone at the GAB organized all the information that was gathered through previously unlawful search warrants on Wisconsin citizens, then placed what was thought to be the most politically useful bits into a filing cabinet in the basement of the building the GAB was located and labeled it “opposition research.”


Commentary on John Doe III Here

The filed labeled “opposition research” needs to be dusted for finger prints as does  the contents of the file.

10 Comments on Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board Served As Cover For “Opposition Research”

  1. This Crap will not stop, until Trump makes sure they see a Clear Path to Jail with no Rocks to hide behind !
    I say Trump because he can’t trust the FBI !

  2. Let this paragraph sink in:

    “Although the WIDoJ report concludes that the leak of the sealed evidence was a crime, committed for the purpose of attempting to influence the U.S. Supreme Court, it ultimately could not recommend criminal charges be brought against anyone involved with the John Doe investigations scandal because of how scandalous the misconduct was.”

  3. The data was widely distributed deliberately to thwart efforts to assign blame. So everyone who worked for GAB during this period of time should be permanently banned from government employment.

  4. Screw the recommendations, throw the book at each and every one involved.
    Their targets weren’t wealthy people who made millions off of government, just average voters. Show them that we have a just society.

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