With a Defense Fund Like This, Who Would Draw Mohammad?

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) proclaims that it is a defender of the 1st Amendment for “the comics art form and its community.” They take donations and publish a free Quarterly called “Defender.”

The most recent edition of the Defender was out just last week and it had a feature article titled “Cartoonist Under Fire.”


So guess who’s never mentioned in the article? Bosch Fawstin the winner of the Draw Muhammad contest held earlier this year in Garland, TX. You know were all the participants were under fire, literally, from a couple of would be jihadist.


Bosch was on Red Eye last night and stated that it would have been nice to at least get a mention in their article for some moral support since he’s  a subscribing member of the CBLDF.

The new host of Red Eye, Tom Shillue, wouldn’t let Bosch show the winning Mohammad cartoon, even though Lou Dobbs had it on his show earlier this month.

6 Comments on With a Defense Fund Like This, Who Would Draw Mohammad?

  1. CBLDF reminds me of the ACLU. It looks good on paper but the closer you look the more you see they only work on issues that further their collectivist agenda.

    Asking the CBLDF for help defending yourself from mohammadmen is like asking the ACLU for help defending yourself from ATF thugs.

  2. What are you implying, exactly???
    Because I’m on the board of AFDI, and I was involved in selecting the winner.
    And maybe you should know wtf you’re babbling about when you make libelous suggestions.
    Pamela knew Bosch like I know Bosch, which is cursory at best.

    You think he got a nice sweetheart deal? The guy’s life is forever changed, and not for the good, you idiot.

    I’d gladly give you ten grand right now in exchange for Bosch’s fate.

  3. Liberals ruined comic books. They want to be seen as brave for forcing pc bullshit into the industry. Gay Spiderman anyone?

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