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With America Out, Turkey To Renege On Climate Accord

The decision was simple really. Without big bucks from the United States that were promised by the Paris Climate Accord, developing nations have no incentive to take on costly climate change measures. Turkey is but the first of many that will most likely walk away from this redistribution scheme.




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  1. Even my Lefty friends were surprised when they read the details of what a one sided redistribution scheme the Paris Treaty is/was.

    Now they grudgingly approve Trump pulling us out. And they are shocked–shocked!–as they discover they also agree with many other decisions Trump has made.

    They are still struggling over why MSNBC, NYT and CNN have not been giving them the full facts.

    There’s hope yet for a lot of Dems/Independent’s.

  2. Rufus, had similar conversations with lefties in the past week. It prompted to look for a current list of accomplishments by Trump, but haven’t found what I had in mind yet.

  3. I think those whom signed on the accord knew what it would take to be approved by the US as a treaty, so their disappointment is just posturing.

  4. Always thought the word was spelled ‘renig’ not renege. I mean I have never written the word before.

  5. reality is an angry genie in a utopian world. The euros can play their one world global board game without Trump and us

    And turkey, and china and russia russia russia . . . .

  6. Thank the framers for the wisdom of checks and balances.

    I felt like a real dolt the other day when I figured out something that had always bothered me. For years I’d wondered why France and Britain declared war on Germany but not the USSR when both invaded Poland simultaneously.

    The Versailles treaty! Duh! Had the GOP senate gone along with Wilson and ratified that travesty we would have been in WWII in ’39 instead of late ’41 costing far more American lives. Well, maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I came up with after a couple of tequila sunrises while grilling steaks.

  7. By the way, with regards to my post above, I highly recommend adding half a shot of “Fireball” to those tequila sunrises!

  8. Without other peoples money (that would be us in the case of the Paris Climate Accord), all socialist schemes grind to a halt.

  9. Allright, let’s say you’re right, and there is man made climate change.
    I would ask what sea wall, dike, abutments, locks, canals, building retrofits, and relocation expense can you show plans for, in order to receive the money.
    Not some mumbo jumbo ‘building bridges and coalitions’ nonsense. Not some payments for ‘programs’ that line the pockets of third world despots.
    I want to see exactly what effects you expect where, on what date, and what specifically do you plan to build, or move, or retrofit. I want to know if land will be lost, what is your exit plan for the area.
    Nothing else will satisfy.
    I want to here words like “Starting on this date…This structure breaks ground on…materials have been ordered..”
    No more crap like: “We must focus our energies..stand with those who…give voice to concerns..” Bla bla bla.
    These are times of action.
    Not the times of comforting sounding phrases.
    Not with my money.
    God Bless President Trump

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