With Bernie Sanders You Really Do Get an Authentic Loser Dirtbag

Sanders is the real deal. He’s a talentless, bitter, angry loser that never held a private sector job that paid him anything above the poverty line.

He tried carpentry, but was horrible at it.


He rode around in a VW bug that had no windshield wipers and was covered in Bondo. It wasn’t to make a statement, it was because he never had 2 nickels to rub together.

There’s nothing romantic or bohemian about this. He was just an unemployable bum who lived in a messy apartment and lectured more successful people about how greedy they were.

Now the guy wants to impart his wisdom on a grand scale.

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  1. The Original Smelly Hippie….when you have no marketable skills
    get a job in government.

  2. Bernie appears to be one of the original angry white guys, everything pisses him off and it’s not fair. Billy Ayres and the weather underground types are made from the same mold, angry and pissed off at everything except their own so called enlightenment and stupidity. Boo fucking who! Get over it Bernie you’re a loser and a jerk. And nobody likes you except for SJW’s and dumbasses of which there are far too many unfortunately.

  3. Calling Bernie a Bum is a true insult to Bums everywhere! Sanders is a Feeble Federal Tit-Sucking Commie Parasite who has managed to get thru 74 years of life on someone else’s dime solely by finger-pointing, whining and belly-aching about everybody and everything else. The only reason this Trotskyite has gained any popularity at all is due to the efforts of DefecRats dragging the United States down to a level of Suck never before seen by deliberately increasing dependency on the Government as mandated by a worthless, no-records, Treasury-looting, economy-wrecking, Healthcare-destroying, Benghazi bullshitting, Peace-Prize stealing, selfie-posing, productivity-obstructing, Bullgarian-speaking, monument-Barrycading, Constitution-stomping, divisive, radical, community-organizing, Al-Qaeda appeasing, Jihad-coddling, taqiyah sunrise-drinking, dithering, weak, flat-footed, lawless phoney-baloney, tone-deaf, bitch-slapped, pussy-whipped, plastic banana republic Communist door-knob who convinced an ever increasing number of morons that it is somehow possible to spend your way into prosperity!

  4. Why would the Army wanted to have drafted this asshole? Didn’t they have enough problems with a lot of the draftees who didn’t want to be there? And besides he would’ve never made it through boot camp and if he did he would’ve been killed the first time he was in combat.

  5. And there are MILLIONS of losers willing to vote for him. DO NOT underestimate how many losers are sucking off the gov’t teat. The rat-people, alone, count for 10-30 MILLION! Then add in all the MILLIONS of mal-educated, unemployable miscreants, who are convinced that the “rich” are what keeps rents high, hobos on the streets, wars erupting across the globe, and ISIS angry at Western civilization.

    Bad mix.

  6. Wow, it’s not every day that I get to debate a real-life author, who self-published a book about Demand and no one demanded it.

    The entire premise of his book can be summed up by the cricket noise you hear.
    The only way his book would be a success is if the government bought all the copies and then they sat in the Trotsky Memorial Warehouse, collecting Collective dust.

    Nice beret.

    Oh, when you ask, “projection?,” you’re not putting up any kind of rebuttal to the points I’ve made about Sanders. It’s a tantamount admission that everything I said was accurate.

  7. They interviewed a 102 yr old Iowa woman on Fox yesterday.
    She said she would vote for Hillary because Bernie lacked experience!
    LOL! The 74 yr old whipper-snapper Sanders.

    It was funny but sad that after 102 years you are still too stupid to vote.

  8. One piece of information in that article jumped out at me as a red flag–his credit-card debt.

    This guy makes $174,000 yearly and has $65,000 in credit card debt? I’m having a yoooge problem processing this in my mind. First, WTF is he buying that is not only so expensive but also beyond his considerable means? I would LOVE to see his statements going back several years. I have a feeling that he has somehow lost his simple hippie living habits somewhere along the way. That would make him a big phony, no?

    Also: do we really want a person who is so reckless in his personal finances in charge of our nation’s budget? This is scary. For years I paid my credit card down to a $0 balance every month without fail. Owing to a combination of stagnant salary and skyrocketing costs, I have had to run a small balance for the past few months and pray that my union contract (nearly five years late; thank you very much, Governor Douchey-Douche) will be settled soon and will allow me to pay it off. My debt is a fraction of what Bernie’s is, and yet I’m beating myself up rather badly for using credit to pay for absokute necessities like groceries, dry cleaning, prescription drugs, and haircuts.

    And yet–this schmendrik wants to lower my disposable income even more by raising my taxes. Hell no!

  9. I hesitate to present this, but the 2016 Election analog is…

    Patron at the TITANIC Promenade Deck bar:
    “Bartender! This drink needs more ice!”

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