With big brother in the hot seat, Fredo Cuomo comes under the microscope – and for good reason

BPR: Following New York Attorney General Letitia James announcing on Tuesday that an investigation found that Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed his staff members, CNN finds itself in hot water for not punishing his brother Chris Cuomo who advised him not to step down.

The investigation interviewed 179 people, including Chris Cuomo, and found that Governor Cuomo had sexually accosted both current and former staff members from 2013 through 2020. He was found to have violated laws, created a hostile work environment, harassed staffers, and even retaliated against them after being publicly accused.

The CNN anchor’s involvement was revealed by a Washington Post report. He evidently was party to conference calls with the governor’s top aides that discussed charges of harassment. Both sides of the political aisle have called for Andrew Cuomo to resign over his actions. But his brother urged him to not step down and to just carry on as if nothing had happened. Chris Cuomo even invoked “cancel culture” in his reasoning for telling his brother to stay put according to the Washington Post. Governor Cuomo would proceed to run with that talking point. read more

8 Comments on With big brother in the hot seat, Fredo Cuomo comes under the microscope – and for good reason

  1. “Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed his staff members while Fredo comes under the microscope”

    Talk about Fredo being a little dick…

  2. Prepare to witness internecine battles amongst the progs, it is hard wired into those who follow that ideology.

  3. Fredo wouldn’t even touch his brother’s sexual harassment with a ten foot swab on tv last night. Pussy!

    I only tuned in to watch him squirm but you could tell the Cuomo rhymes with homo elephant in the room was giving him a big ass raping that even made Don Lemon blush.

  4. I’ve read the allegations against Cuomo. It sounds no worse than anything Joe Biden did. Live on CSPAN. To children.

  5. Did CNN advise either Clinton to step down?
    Definitely not Hilldog.
    Definitely not Joey the VP while interfering in Ukraine.

    At least they are consistent.


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