With That Much Access To Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, How Oppressed Can She Be?

Britney Cooper is at it again.

“White people resist seeing themselves in the face of the oppressor. That mirror reflection is almost too much to bear. I get it…So then they resent the person that holds up the mirror. But let me just say as directly as I can: White people must begin to see themselves in the faces of the mostly white police officers who keep committing these atrocities against Black and Brown people.cooper

…Black people, of every station, live everyday just one police encounter from the grave. Looking back over my encounters with police, it’s truly a wonder that I’m still in the land of the living…Am I supposed to be grateful for that? Are we supposed to be grateful each and every time the police don’t kill us? There is a way that white people in particular treat Black people, as though we should be grateful to them.”

The DailyKenn responds



A Rutgers University professor has found a pathway to minor celebrity: She attacks white people.
Brittney Cooper’s delusional musings include the contention that all black people are “one police encounter from the grave.” Furthermore, she insists that all white people constitute “the face of the oppressor.”

The crack in Cooper’s pot can be found in the fact that she prefers to live in the midst of the racist white bourgeois. While she may be one police encounter away from the grave, she is also one plane ticket away from Cameroon, Nigeria, Congo, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Burundi, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Malawi, Niger, Madagascar, Mali, Haiti, Detroit, or any other region impoverished by the absence of Western culture.

Had black people had no contact with Western or Eastern culture and had been totally isolated for the past 5,000 years — what would their standard of living be like today?

If the first thought that came to your mind was, “That’s racist!” — then congratulations. Your mind has been swept clean and your rational thinking has been displaced by cultural Marxism.

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  1. Well, if it is any solace you can retro back to Africa and get beat up by your fellow African cops, petty tyrants and tribal agitators. It will still hurt but at least it will have been done by your home boy’s rather than those honky oppressors. I checked, there is a plane leaving for Africa tomorrow (and every day)! Bon Voyage, and don’t forget to write!

  2. It must be my whiteness that prevents me from breaking the law and encountering police officers that want me in the grave. If I could just for one day walk in the shoes of a black person maybe I would understand the desire to break the law, encounter police officers because of my law breaking, and then suggest my life is more important when the rule of law is applied to my black skin.

    The last encounter I had with the police was on Christmas night at a restaurant and I thanked them for being there making it the safest place in town for a meal. If I could have just been black it would be so different I bet, probably, the cops would have likely shot me dead for thanking them.

  3. It’s your, Hands Up Don’t Shoot, Black Lives Matter, White Privilege bullshit that oppresses you fatty. Without your Victim’s narrative you have to look in the mirror and see the loser you are.

    Tell me affirmative action didn’t get your “professorship” for you.

  4. Another hard truth about this story is that roughly 13% of the US population think it is absolutely true, and is what drives them to actively confront police officers at every single available opportunity no matter what the circumstances.

    It is so bad right now that a State Trooper is under a murder investigation because some black woman committed suicide in jail three days after he arrested her, after she had appeared in court, and failed to post her bond. Somehow this has morphed into another police atrocity committed against an innocent young black woman.

    We are heading directly to another round of full-scale race riots around the nation that will eclipse what the country experienced during the 1960s. There is going to be great destruction and death to mark the end of the Obama administration, and I believe things are going to get much, much worst before they begin to get better.

  5. Are we supposed to be grateful each and every time the police don’t kill us?

    Aren’t you grateful that your black mother didn’t abort you through Planned Parenthood at the hands of white women doing the aborting? Be grateful for that – or don’t.

  6. Get a new tune.

    Facken fatass negress whining about … what?

    The land of opportunity that allowed an ignorant, lazy, no-account, layabout pig to become a “professor” through affirmative action?

    That she eats enough to feed a family of 6 in Africa?

    That her dress size would clothe 4 Chinks?

    That she’s paid by her “oppressors” to whine this bullshit?

    That she gets away with it because no one expects any degree of intelligence or excellence from her?

    Eat shit and die, you facken fat slob.

  7. Blacks need to leave the USA, they are ungrateful and selfish. Go back to africa and enjoy the ebola and aids that you have created, I’m sure living in mud huts would be more comfortable than free section 8 housing with free WI fi and cable.

  8. “Had black people had no contact with Western or Eastern culture and had been totally isolated for the past 5,000 years — what would their standard of living be like today?’

    Dinesh D’Souza answers that in his book ‘Obama’s America’ and it’s not a pretty portrait especially considering the rate of blacks killing and enslaving other blacks.

  9. It’s not only that

    “Had black people had no contact with Western or Eastern culture and had been totally isolated for the past 5,000 years — what would their standard of living be like today?”

    but also the other side of the coin:

    It’s only thanks to (mostly white? exclusively white?) Americans who brought these folks to this continent/country that American blacks enjoy their relative peace and prosperity.

  10. I’ll tell ya what she’s one encounter away from sending her to the grave and that’s another trip through the buffet line-sheesh lady, back the fuck away from the table for once.

    Seriously, if it’s so GD bad here. then just fucking go.

  11. It’s the children and grandchildren of the 60s libtards that hear the “war stories” from their parents and grandparents about how the 60s were a great time for activism and agitation. They’re telling their progeny to do it all over again and they are living vicariously through them.

    Eradicate the left.

  12. We look at you like you should be grateful?
    You damn well SHOULD be grateful!
    Every time you open a package with a security seal that guarantees the product inside is clean and unaltered.
    Every time you turn on a light switch
    Every time you turn a car key
    Every time you go through a green light
    Every time you turn on the tap

    One police encounter from the grave? Like me being one Black Person encounter from Robbery, Car Jacking, Gang Initiation shooting, knock-out game?

    Last, you should be damn grateful you get pulled over by an American Cop, and not some corrupt African Cop on the payroll of the gangs.

  13. Please excuse me, Britney, while I use my white privilege to tune your lame, stupid grievances out.

  14. Hang a couple of gold coins around her neck, strip her naked, and drop her into Africa.

    After a month, ask her if she’d rather come back to America or stay where she be at (if she’s still alive).

    Do the same experiment in some small town America, and ask her if she wants to go to Africa, or stay where she be at (I guarantee she’ll still be alive).

  15. Me and Reggie used to do this thing with smashed taters an gravy … see, he’d grab a handful and shove it up his … hold it … Moose sez I’m not sposed to write about this …

    Now I’m sad! I need a hug!
    A man-hug!
    A big, burly, sweaty, man-hug!
    From behind!

  16. Again, the problem is the 13% of the population that agrees with every word this woman, and many others just like her are saying. They are itching for a fight with whitey and they are going to get it.

  17. I’ve taken a lot of heat in conservative circles because I am no fan of Civilian Harassment. And now this snapperhead is going to claim that my inaction has empowered them? Please.

  18. There was a heavyweight fight in the mid-1970s between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. Held in the African nation of Zaire, this famous fight was billed — quite insensitively by contemporary standards — as the “Rumble in the Jungle.” In any case, after the fight was over and the victorious Ali returned to America, he was asked by a reporter what he thought of Africa. He replied, “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat.”

    Tubby One K-Nuckle Head needs to go live in the Ivory Coast for a while as I did. Doubt she would survive in any dougou.

  19. More like one food counter away from the grave. She’s oppressed a few dinners in her time. Funded, like her tenure, by whitey, naturally. If it’s so awful for you, leave.

  20. Let’s just call this so-called “White privilege” whut it really is.
    It is the White man being held responsible for the acts of his ancestors by Blacks who accept zero responsibility or accountability for the acts of their dependancy meal-tickets (otherwise known as their children)!

  21. You’re absolutely correct, Brittney. America is a shit hole. But there’s good news – a boat is leaving for Africa tomorrow. Be on it.

  22. Somalia? The Sudan? Nigeria?
    Women are treated so very well in those African Islamic countries. A little Boko Haram may provide her with an attitude adjustment about the US.

  23. Responsible, law abiding black people, of every station, do NOT live everyday just one police encounter from the grave.
    ObamaSons™ and ObamaDaughters™ do.

  24. I suppose the stupid crunt totally ignores black on black murder, fatherless children, moms with 2 or more fathers. In her mind of course, its all whity’s fault.

  25. WHAT privilege? The only privilege I have left is working like a Hebrew slave so I can pay taxes to support nonsense like the hiring of these clowns. Which I do while HER people are making my life at my job a misery–I’ve been bullied, marginalized, and made fun of by the minorities in my jurisdiction (which BTW is 12% white).

  26. She’s living the leftist black privileged dream. All the food she can stuff down her gullet, while spitting in the hand that feeds her. In any nation is Africa she would be dead in a week after even thinking she had protected civil rights to criticize anything about African government or culture.

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