Without Proper Context, Leaked COVID-19 Data Is Worse Than Misleading

Daily Signal:

What’s the No. 1 coronavirus hot spot in America?

Is it Los Angeles County, which led the nation with nearly 200,000 confirmed cases on Aug. 2, according to Johns Hopkins University? Is it Miami-Dade County, Florida, which ranked second with more than 121,000 cases? Or is it Houston/Harris County, Texas, where nearly 75,000 cases have been recorded?

The answer, according to a recently leaked Centers for Disease Control and Prevention document: Columbia County, Florida.

If you’ve never heard of Columbia County, you’re not alone. It’s as obscure as most of the other COVID-19 hot spots identified in the CDC document, as reported in a Yahoo News story headlined “Nine of the Top 10 U.S. Coronavirus Hot Spots Are in Florida and Texas.”

A closer look at those so-called “hot spots” shows how public health officials too often use statistics to misinform the public about the COVID-19 pandemic.

By presenting a distorted view, those officials have sown confusion and undermined their own credibility with tens of millions of Americans.

In this case, the CDC defined a “hot spot” as a county with the most cases per 100,000 population over the most recent two-week period. The metric is prone to designate sparsely populated counties reporting temporary spikes in cases as being hotbeds of coronavirus infection. read more

5 Comments on Without Proper Context, Leaked COVID-19 Data Is Worse Than Misleading

  1. The shitbags are engagingly in the same shitbaggery that worked for them with the anthropogenic catastrophic Global Warming hoax. With the same people in and out of government aiding and abetting them.

    They start with a conclusion that supports their goal and work backward filling in the data with anything they think the idiots will swallow. Then it is up to those who understand the scientific method to disqualify data that never applied in the first place or had been used totally out of context.

  2. Why is LA so high? Covid represents a are income stream to be exploited from every angle.
    Plus there are an estimated 100,000 living on the sidewalks in extremely unsanitary conditions.

  3. It’s a fake plague being strung along by pure bullshit. I’ll never trust a government public health service again. They’re chock full of democrats cunts destroying the public trust and the social contract to put a bunch of ethno-fascist motherfuckers in office.

  4. Meanwhile there is no end for the mask mandate here in Texas or the bars reopening. They will allow a bar to reclassify itself as a restaurant but that is impossible for many as it requires food sales of 51%. Abbott allegedly has suggested he’d be okay with bars closed for all of 2020. It is draconian and in my county we literally have under 40 deaths in 250,000 people over the last six months. 105 people were murdered in Chicago in July and I can’t go to a bar or the river and have to put a damn mask on to go shopping.

  5. The data has been so politically twisted by our own “news” and media sources that even if some is true, you can’t know it is reliable.
    I found watching the European numbers and coverage while applying it to the US has given me a reasonable picture of what’s really going on here.


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