WNBA Champs won’t visit white house

Uhhhh, who invited them?

No offense ladies, but, I wasn’t aware the championship happened, I can’t name one player, and I never heard of the winning team – The Seattle Storm.

This is like the beer pong world champion announcing he shant darken the white house steps.


Days after the WNBA’s Seattle Storm won the women’s basketball championship, they quickly shifted from sports to the political realm to announce that they won’t be visiting the White House as long as President Trump lives there.

There is, however, the matter that they haven’t even been invited and as Trump has shown with smack-talking SJW loudmouths like the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, Bird and her teammates shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for it.


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  1. Let me guess, the 97% lesbian players who berate the other 3% for not being lesbians are upset because they are misinformed that DJT is a misogynist and a homophobe.

  2. The only sports team I care about in Seattle is the NHL team that’ll be here sometime between 2019-2021. If they name it something stupid or put lime green on their jerseys I still might not care after that.

  3. There’s truly some dark days ahead at the White House with this devastating rejection. I hope the crew can hold up. The entire world was anticipating this visit and so many across the country will be deeply disappointed.

    Who were they again?

  4. they won’t be visiting the White House as long as President Trump lives there

    What’s the point of peeing on the mattresses, if Drumpf’s not there?

  5. That’s okay, gals, nobody ever visits your house either.

    Thank goddess for virtue-signaling corporate sponsors, or you wouldn’t even have a house to play in, ladies.

  6. If the Professional Bowlers Association tour winner declines an invite to the White House, I don’t see how Trump can survive.

  7. THIS IS WHY…. you don’t drag your dirty political opinions to work with you. —everyone hate it, and you change your workplace into the same biased back-bitting shithole Washington D.C. is.

  8. Really?! Lesbians please. Their court and ball are smaller – (add joke/pun here), they run like girls and nobody cares! If President Trump even knew who they were, he would have met them out of pity.

  9. Horseketball. I honestly thought they scrapped the league two years ago.
    They blew it. Had they gone to the WH, IF they were asked to, they would have gotten some recognition. As it is, no one knows they’re still around. So be it. lol.

  10. I’ve never heard of the WNBA ever being invited to the Whitehouse. Having said that maybe Michelle invited them on the QT after midnight to do a little “grooming” for when the carpetbagging couple finally left office. I don’t think Obama would mind as he’s been intent on doing a little grooming of his own.

  11. Avg price of a wnba ticket is about 20 clams. Guess I’m more concerned that the women’s pie eating team will accept their invitation.

  12. Picture if you will the Seattle Storm invited to the Hilary WH. No press would be invited the menu for the day would list an “all you could eat buffet for the President”

  13. @Gunny

    Couldn’t help but notice that four of the dunkers did it in an All-Star game where no one was playing D

    And of the two who did it in games, one of them, Brittney Griner is the greatest woman shot blocker ever, who for some reason didn’t make it onto the US Olympic team. Hmm, the USA team didn’t have a need for the greatest female shot blocker ever? Sounds a little fishy to me


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