WNBA Parade Has As Much Attendance as a Joe Biden Rally

21 Comments on WNBA Parade Has As Much Attendance as a Joe Biden Rally

  1. Women

    When you know nobody else is going to you take what you’re given. Nothing personally against women, just too much wokeness with this bunch.

  2. Saw this yesterday. The local yokel news reported this WBNA “parade” as breaking news. I laughed so hard. LOL!

  3. I’m sorry! I can’t make sense of it either. My phone since my last system update likes to change everything I type. Have problems since giving up using Google. Got to find a 5 year old kid that knows how to use this stuff so it’s fixed for me. Sucks as I possess great cursive. 🥴

  4. So many female sports professionals have been too abusive and loud and outrageous for too long. They are now paying the price.

  5. Where’s the equity? Shouldn’t they be making as much as the males regaedless of revenues?

    And why are the males and females playing separately anyways? Aren’t they equal?

    Anyone wanna talk race, discrimination, affirmative action and pro basketball skin color?

    Why isn’t that pathetic excuse of a man lebron speaking up? He’s all about rights righhhhht?


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