WNBA Player Complains About Pay Gap After LeBron James Gets $154M Contract

Breitbart: Highlighting the huge pay gap between men and women in professional basketball, WNBA rookie A’Ja Wilson slammed the massive payday earned by newly minted L.A. Laker LeBron James.

Wilson took to Twitter on July 1 to say, “154M ……….. must. be. nice. We over here looking for a M but Lord, let me get back in my lane,” according to Ebony magazine.

Perhaps realizing that some may take her tweet as criticism of James, the WNBA star quickly added, “And I love Bron not taking nothing away from him.”

Some Twitter users replied to Wilson’s tweet saying that female players just aren’t as good as male players. Jesse Kelly, for instance, insisted that no one wants to watch women’s basketball.   more

22 Comments on WNBA Player Complains About Pay Gap After LeBron James Gets $154M Contract

  1. Duh!

    From NBA website (April, 2017): The NBA set the all-time regular-season attendance record for a third consecutive season with *** 21,997,412 *** fans attending games during the 2016-17 regular season.

    From WNBA website (September, 2017): The WNBA registered its highest total attendance of *** 1,574,078 ***

  2. Don’t worry, when Comrade Bernie & his minions get in charge everyone’s salary will be equal!

    (sarc off)

  3. Funny how all that lip-service Barky paid the WNBA for eight years never translated into actual money. Guess he was just using them as props.

  4. Didn’t the league just announce yesterday several teams are moving to smaller arenas because they can’t fill the bigger (NBA/NHL) arenas? Which suggests they are having trouble paying rent and other expenses. Why of course the answer is to double or triple the payroll! Idiots…

  5. And dont forget the differential in ticket prices, eg

    Phx Mercury — $16 average ticket price

    Phx Suns — $57 a game

  6. Just increase game tickets to $5000 per game and raise their salaries to NBA levels. Problem solved. Otherwise, the WNBA is rayciss.

  7. I think a one-on-one match between Williams and James will settle it once and for all. On the other hand, Obama-supporter and Trump-hater James should live up to his ideology and share his wealth with these poor WBA athletes lest he be a hypocrite. (Yeah, like THAT’s going to happen!)

  8. Maybe the womyns should start brawling at the amateur level.
    Chimp outs seem to garner much publicity.

  9. They are paid more because they can really play and generate revenue for their owners and advertisers!

    The only ingredient you lack is a fan base and advertisers and ability.

  10. Most male high school teams could beat a WBA team. Does that mean that male high school basketball players should get multi-million dollar contracts!

  11. Well, they could always use the movie Slap Shot as a training film then put it into action to increase ticket sales.

  12. Maybe start getting word out that WNBA players are getting paid hundreds of millions of dollars and that will pique viewers’ interest and they’ll start watching more. That’s how it works, right?


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