Woke Disney Panics as Subscriptions Fall 6.6 MILLION Short of Projections – IOTW Report

Woke Disney Panics as Subscriptions Fall 6.6 MILLION Short of Projections


The only good thing about about having friends who work at Disney is getting the inside skinny on what’s happening in the land of the Hollywood Woke. They love to talk about how radical leftism is destroying the company they work for as they keep their conservative leanings private. But they’ve been “red-pilled” for over three years now with your truly at least partially to blame.

They came to me with a juicy nugget this afternoon. Apparently, some of the managers were on a meeting Friday detailing their plans to reduce their public display of wokeness. I yawned at first; backlash from just over a week ago for pushing Critical Race Theory had already hit the news cycle. But then they gave me a reason for the sudden meeting that I wasn’t anticipating. It wasn’t the backlash that worried them. It was the subscriptions, or lack thereof, for Disney+.

The Woke Disney Company’s newest flagship project fell short of Wall Street expectations by 6.6 million subscribers. I’ll just let that hang there for a minute. read more

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  1. I was totally all in on getting Disney Plus for The Lando Delorean but then they screwed up canning Gina!




  3. Netflix took it up the ass on their stock price as well.

    It may be a function a a few things:

    1)People cutting back due to inflation in other areas (ie Gas/food)
    2) Tired of being locked up, people do not want to be inside as much
    3) The programs SUUUUCK, esp the woke ones
    4) No doubt some people have cancelled due to politics but probably not that many.

    Ultimately, people will prioritize what is important rather than unnecessary.

    But Fuck em anyway!

  4. Hell, they still sold 103,400,000 subscriptions. Chances are there’s probably 1 skull full of mush per subscription. So that’s 103 million youngsters getting a regular dose of propaganda.

  5. “Star Whores”
    “The Likes Cocks”
    “Return of the Vigina”

    Did not do so well.

    And Characters like, Jack Off Binks is rassis as sheet.

  6. Facts mean nothing to a totalitarian. Disney execs – like CNN – will run their company into the ground in support of their misguided, emotion-based ideology.

    There is a saying out there, which I am poorly paraphrasing, that says, “A totalitarian is willing to burn a country to the ground if necessary, and rule over the ashes.”

  7. (To the tune of “Let It Go”)

    “The privilege ain’t White on Space Mountain tonight
    Not a honkey to be seen
    A kingdom of woke idealouges
    And they want men to be queens
    The Left is howling like some spoiled demon inside
    Couldn’t keep it straight, heaven knows I’ve tried

    Wont’t let sense in, won’t let you be
    Make the boys be girls, they have to be
    Not real, just feel, don’t let truth show
    Well, now truth shows

    Let it go, let it go
    Slavery was long ago
    Let it go, let it go
    Your outrage is just for show

    I don’t care what lies they say
    Let BLM rage on

    I won’t watch your programming anyway

    It’s funny how the Woke shows makes Disney seem so small
    And the fears they use to control me can’t get to me at all

    It’s time to see what I can do
    To bankrupt them by not passing through
    I’m right, they’re wrong, no queue for me
    I’m free

    Let it go, let it go
    We done fought the Civil War
    Let it go, let it go
    Ask what Disney wants race hate for

    Make a stand with no Disney stay
    Let their lies rage on

    They preach to their own choir anyway”

  8. I do know 2 people who work at the Disney parks. Neither of them is a fan of this. I will not out them, because they are making their living with Disney. I know that one of them is looking for a new job. “Woke” is not what he signed up for.

  9. I just pirate everything. Free, no commercials. From Russia….and to a lesser extent, Vietnam, with love.

  10. Like Jerry I was about to sign up, primarily to see the second season of The Mandolin, or whatever it’s called. But when they dumped Gina Carano and called her an anti-Semite, literally the opposite of the post she tweeted, I decided against.

  11. Disney parks are part of the entertainment industry, which is going down. It’s on the downslope of the Product Life Cycle as people find more productive, less expensive, and heathier ways of spending their time.

  12. I was a, “Senior Telecommunications Engineer” with ABC when ABC was owned by Capital Cities. Then we went to Disney and I became a, “Specialist”.

    Dan asked, “You specialize in what?”

    “I specialize in keeping my job, just like you do, Comrade ‘Specialist’.

    Dan was/is a bona fide Electrician who got the same shit basin title. We all specialized in doing work, and not complaining. Which is the same shit we did with our other titles.

    We can all imagine what it means to go from, “Senior Telecommunications Engineer”, or “Senior Electrician Engineer”, to, “Specialist”.

    Being called “Specialists” made us of particular interest to the brass.

  13. I’ve never been to a Disney theme park. I never took my four sons to a Disney theme park and I will never take my grandkids to a Disney theme park.

  14. 103,400,000 subscriptions out of 128 million households?
    That’s like 80% of the households in the USA.
    We’ve already won, game over for you idiots, you’re dead and just don’t know it yet.

  15. ” some of the managers were on a meeting Friday detailing their plans to reduce their public display of wokeness”

    The Disney execs are just looking for a more appealing facade to hide behind. They’re still up to their eyeballs in woke B.S., and they still want the public to pay for it. They’re not only still wrong, now they’re trying to lie about it, too. Fuck off and die, Disney…


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